God’s Creation

Even if the people “scientifically” suggest the earth was created by pieces of dust and rock pieces meshed together to form a huge mass of infinite creations and life forms. That doesn’t have to predicate that we’re God’s creation, be false.

My Friend

We all got a friend, who’s pleasin’

And is both fun and friendly

She is one of the many reason

That makes our college days plenty


She is funny and she is naughty

She even fights with me sometime

But I don’t mind nor does anybody

Because in heart, she is kind most time


She is my caring and loving friend

And so sweet and dreamily sublime

She is one of the best, I commend

That we could ever get in our life


She is kind and helps us in pain

She learns and stays with us folks

She also knows how to entertain

With her fun talk and stupid jokes


She makes our class more interesting

With the things she does until the day end

But no one can blame her for anything

For she is true, a true best friend

Sun Sets Forever

What if the sun never rise

To give us its radiant glow

Will we go to a time

When the days, will never flow?


But don’t worry for that

Cause the stars; your ancestors will guide you

And the moon with its infinite soul

Will shine its moonlight for you


But have we got to live

In a cold and dark day

Like a hope being destroyed

And the happiness is far away


Nothing is the same without

The sun with us together

So let’s hope the sun

Will never set forever

Independence Day

To a country, where freedom is attained, yet the citizens are not free.

To a country, where people fight in the name of religion.

To a country, where the people are poor, yet politicians who squeeze tax from the people are rich.

To a country, where reserved get admission in schools and works, other than who is deserved.

To a country, where cows are safer than girls.

To a country, where sex is promoted, while periods are disheartened.

To a country, where love marriage is not allowed, yet people say stranger couples are a match made in heaven.


But still, with hopes that this nation will live up to the freedom fighter’s expectations.

Happy Independence Day

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