Loved You, Only You

Mathew had just joined his engineering course some few days back. He had a fair complexion, a clean shaved face and a regular body. He was a bright student and also very friendly that he managed to befriend most of his classmates very quickly. His profound enthusiasm and eagerness to learn made him become the teacher’s pet. He was very helpful and cheerful to everyone.

Classes were boring as always, but for him, it was always something new. For him, classes were filled with something to learn, something to see, something to discuss and also to keep it in his mind. It was never a dull day for him. He was called a nerd a lot of times, but he didn’t mind. He had never let anyone bring him down. And that’s why everyone loved him.

And so, some months had passed. Studies had burdened everyone’s shoulder. Exams had fast approached that everyone was busy studying to pass the exam. Everywhere it was filled with students studying, group studying and so on whereas some just wandered around like the backbenchers they are.

Mathew was running to find his exam hall that he accidentally bumped into a girl. He got her up and said sorry. She was a mild-looking young girl, light brown complexion and was looking very shy. But she had dazzling eyes and a cute smile that would make anyone happy inside. Seeing her, he felt sorry for bumping into her. He helped her take the fallen books from the floor. She said “Thank You” and went away. Her sweet voice had struck something inside him. It was the most melodic sound that he had ever heard in his life. Suddenly, the bell rang and he came back to his senses and so, he ran.

The exam was tough for everyone, except Mathew. He was the only one smiling after the exam and everyone knew why. He walked to the corridor to see the same girl that he had bumped on earlier. He went to her and said –

“Hey, are you alright?”


“How was the exam?”



He was struggling to keep on the conversation. It was the first time that he had lost for words and also the first time that he had seen such a shy girl.

“By the way, I’m Mathew.”

“I’m Lilly.”

“You don’t talk much. Do you?”

“Well, no”

“Why is that?”

“I studied in a girl’s convent school. I don’t talk to boys much often.”

“Oh, ok. I’ll leave you for now then.”


It was really awkward for him that he was really depressed the whole day.

Many days had passed since that encounter. He usually sees her most of the day and smile, but she would turn her head and go. One day, he saw her sitting alone on the ground. With all the courage he had mustered, he went to her.



“What are you doing?”


“Oh! Which book?”

“Harry Potter”

“Wow, that’s my favourite book. I think she had done a better job in the book than what happened in the movie.”

“Me too.”

“Those movies had skipped a lot of major parts from the book, they had even skipped that big fight that they had in the end. I think it was far better in the books than the movies.”

And so, he continued his talk with her. Slowly, she was managing to talk freely with him. At last, she was starting to talk long and also had fun with him. She felt like she’s free at that moment. After some time, the bell rang. The recess was over and it was time for class. She got up and said –

“Thank you”

“What for?”

“For talking with me. You are the first person that had talked so much with me. Even the girls here don’t like to talk with me. Thank you for this wonderful time.”

With a smile on her face, she went away. He was happy. His heart was beating like he had a 10-mile marathon. He too got up and went to his class.

And so, they met regularly. Time flew with joy when these two met. She was having the best time ever along with him. She was feeling so free minded with him. And on one day, an unexpected thing happened in her life.

It was a cold monsoon day. The rain was falling heavily. Everywhere it was drenched and the air filled with the cold smell of water. The clouds in the sky were grey and thunder and lightning accompanied it. Both of them were talking in the verandah. He looked deep into her eyes and said –

“Hey, can I tell you something.”

“Of course, you can tell me anything.”

“Well, I was going to tell you before, but didn’t have the guts to tell that.”

“Tell me, what is it?”

“Well, you know that we were together for a long time.”


“And so, something deep had happened to me. Every time I’m with you, my heart seems to be in a mesmerizing and in a happy way.”

“So you mean to tell me that –”

“I love you”

She was shocked. She didn’t imagine such a thing from him. She was feeling so dumbstruck that she didn’t say anything.

“So do you love me too?”

She didn’t say a word rather turned her face down to the ground. With lost hope, he took a deep breath and turned and walked away in the rain. He was engraved by the deep sorrow thinking about his lost love. Suddenly somebody held his hand. He turned back to see Lilly standing there.

“Please don’t go. I can’t bear to see you so sad.”

“Why should you? You never loved me.”

“Is love the only thing that held us close?”

“No, but for now, I can’t bear this pain. You never know how much I loved you. For all this time, you were the only one that I wanted. I loved you, only you. But now, my heart is shattered to pieces. I need some time to recover. I may or may not come back, but keep in mind that you will be forever the first and the last girl that I will ever love.”

“Well, the truth is –”


“I too had a secret feeling for you the first day we met. I don’t know, but something pulled me closer and closer to you every time. I had even dreamt of being with you. But I thought everything was just an infatuation since you are so handsome and fair coloured. I realised that I’m not up to your match and there are many girls more suitable for you than me.”

“So what? I loved you, not your colour. I loved your smile, your personality and moreover your heart. I don’t need anything else than to be with you for the rest of my life. I just want to be your heart beat forever.”

She was really blushing. She felt like she was the centre of his universe. Her heart was racing rapidly. She didn’t seem to know about the rain that was drenching both of them. He looked deep into her eyes and asked –



“Can you be a part of my life?”

With the biggest and the cutest smile, she said –


And so, he fell to his knees with his arms wide open. She came to him and hugged him. He was speechless yet filled with emotion. Her soft and silent touch had made him really alive that day. Love had embraced them together in its arms with a special feeling. They were drenched to the fullest but neither of them did mind. They were both in their own heaven. Love was in the air with a lot of care that day.

In that moment he pleaded with God – “God, please don’t stop the rain today.”



Humans are creative, more than we think

But for sure, we’re not the only one

Animals & Birds are creative too

Even every other insect, in their own way


We think what we do is more imaginative

But think about the houses and nest they build

The architecture of it is far more complex than,

Made by the skilled mortals we have seen here


Have you ever seen a school of fish?

Swimming together in groups in unison

Can any mortal create such a unique design?

As beguile and beautiful as theirs


Creativity is in all creatures, as equal

But they don’t get the opportunity for it

God has given us a little more than them

But that doesn’t mean we’re higher than them


Creativity comes in different flavour

Each having its own unique taste

It’s our need to find out ourselves

The hidden creativity that lies within


The sun arose, high in the sky

Giving way to a new life’s dawn

Birds are chirping, cocks are crowing

Making the new day worthwhile


People awoke, do their routines

But never try to be visionary

It’s the same old chores, the same old duty

The same old work that they do often


Get up from bed, go brush the teeth

Take a bath & get dressed up

Eat your breakfast and get ready

To go to school or go to work


It’s like people are programmed robots

Programmed to do the same thing

They’re just living a life unoriginal

Where they do the routines, again & again


Everyone may be robots, but some

Are imaginative, live a life more adventurous

They’re free from life’s miserable

Free from the programmed world

Those wishes

He wants to love her the way she is, make her smile to light his soul and do even her little wishes as it may be little for her, but for him, those wishes are the world.

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