The Laptop that Learned to Spell - Edwin's Journal

The Laptop that Learned to Spell

Somebody is always there to help you succeed. A cold dark day inside the box, the laptop was sleeping. He was a dumb one without any knowledge of anything. But he didn’t care. All he loved was the infinite sleep that he had inside the box. There was a lot of tumbling and jerking, but he didn’t even stir nor open his eyes. All was … Continue reading The Laptop that Learned to Spell

Be United - Edwin's Journal

Be United

Togetherness.It really is wonderfulTo feel their warmth and passionMixed with emotions. We, all are connectedAs our hearts are beating the sameFull of starlight dreams withThe hopes of attaining it Like the trees in a forestWhose roots are tangled togetherLike friends in armsTo help keep the land intact Like the clouds high upIn the blue sky of dreamsFloating smoothly alongsideThe winds of freedom And everything else … Continue reading Be United

A Beautiful Lie - Edwin's Journal

A Beautiful Lie

It’s immortal,Serene, yet so painfulAn experience beyond compareAnd comprehension. A crave of possessionFallen by desiresUnited, some dividedPutting fear into passion We are the thunderTo bring light during despairYet strikes fire to the heartBurn it down to the core An empty vessel with dreamsThoughtful mindsCondemned to be ashesTo nurture us back Living for the momentLiving to die hardStanding at the edge, I realizedLife is a beautiful … Continue reading A Beautiful Lie