Smile, thinking of the good, rather than holding onto the bad that once happened to you.


Sorry, I Forgot

All the time I was sad and angry for what I didn’t receive from them, I forgot to remember all the good things that I got from the very same exact people.

Lights of Diwali

Mom was busy putting lights and cleaning the room. Dad was reading the newspaper. Brother was busy playing with firecrackers.

She took up the photos to clean them. She stood looking at one photo – “the photo of her elder son who had gone abroad to work”

She hadn’t seen him for 1 year and wished him to be here and to celebrate this day like in the past.

Suddenly, someone closed her eyes.

“Guess who?”

She knew in that small sentence that he had come. She turned back and hugged him. His little brother ran to hug him. Dad stood up and smiled.

It was a time of happiness and rejoices and the best celebration they had.



His mother collected all the tiny oddments of clothes from the stores, so she could sew at least one decent dress for her child.

Blank Mind

My mind is blank, so numb and dumb

Feeling only nothingness deep within

It’s all empty like the vacuum in space

Filled with darkness, so still and stay


Nothing I see or hear or touch

Can be represented by me, ever again

Everything I knew, once in my life

Is now it seems, a thing to forget


Nothing goes in my mind, nothing comes out

After all, nothing is there for me to know

The world seems alright when I forget about

The good and the bad that I’ve ever encountered


The world feels great, only a place, nothing much

Cause all the love and the hate is left undone

It seems good, living with emptiness because this feels

Good, rather than living with a heavy mind

Short Tale Challenge #8

“Each Tuesday, I will be putting up a prompt and you can simply publish a post on your own blog responding to the prompt. The task is to write a short tale in no more than 100 words.”

Last Tuesday’s Prompt was “Museum

Short Tale Challenge #7 Roundup:

Here is the roundup to last Tuesday’s prompt. Be sure to visit their blogs.

  1. Short Tale Challenge #7 – Museum Facts by Ramblings of a Writer

    According to The World Museum Community, there are more than 55,000 museums in 202 countries.

    The purpose of modern museums is to collect, preserve, interpret, and display items of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance for the education of the public.

    Early museums began as the private collections of wealthy individuals, families or institutions of art and rare or curious natural objects and artifacts.

    Types of museums vary, from large institutions, covering many categories, to very small institutions focusing on a specific subject, location, or a notable person.

    Roles associated with the management of a museum largely depend on the size of the institution, but every museum has a hierarchy of governance with a Board of Trustees serving at the top.

Today’s prompt is “Mangroves”


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Have fun and Happy writing!

Soar High

And those who stay, be like a bird

Let you fly high soaring through the skies

Cause there are a million possibilities

Waiting to be conquered by you.

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