A new year has finally come

New beginnings in the winter cold

New decisions, new hopes for some

To get better in life and grow old



Looking for that special day

Leap date, you’re special to discuss

I love you, dear Valentine’s Day

For giving moments special for us



Academic year has ended

Having Holi, the festival of colours

Our Holy Christ has ascended

Into heaven, cleaning sins which were ours



Vacation has started, it’s truly a joy

Fun and games for most, boredom for others

Haha… Hey fool, come on, let’s enjoy

This Fool’s day with soothing colours



May Day has finally approached

Songs and dances and rest everywhere

Firefighters everywhere has marched

Mothers enjoy the love, flowers were fair



Classes started again, back to school

Monsoon approached, everyone drenched wet

Walking along the environment, feeling so cool

For some places, Fathers love had met



Justice perceived across the globe

Celebrated by all the united population

Friends stay forever, in reality, and hope

Together as one, in and out across the nation



Youth come forward, together assembled

They’re the strength and pride of the nation

Together a mountain, they resembled

Even the fashion had struck its domination



Literacy has gained a lot of importance

Among everyone across the whole world

Tourist place across had finally got its chance

For people to come with heart and money unfurled



Respect for the teachers celebrated with joys

Seeing smiles on the faces of teachers and student

And everyone everywhere the world also enjoys

Eating as much as food with all our heart’s content



Students had enjoyed their day fair

With greeting and Hello has followed

Kindness has spread across the air

Where the love and care across had flowed



Winter has arrived, snow-filled town

Christmas time, time of joy and peace

Now it’s the finale, the final showdown

At last, this year too has finally come to cease


Thank you 2016

2016 is nearly over. 1 more year filled with lots of happiness and sorrow is finally coming to an end. Memories are all that is left now. Thank you, everyone, for making this year so special for me.

Video 1 – Merry Christmas

Today, A Child was born.

From Heaven, he came forth

To guide Man, in the path of righteousness

To clean their sins and souls

To show that it’s better to be good, rather than being evil

To show mercy, to show kindness, To lead

And at last, To die for us, Sinners

For he is the right hand of God, The Almighty

Today is his Birthday, Birthday of Jesus

And like every birthday we shared

Let us share this too in Happiness and Joy

In his name, I say

Merry Christmas to all of you

Chimes of Joy

Christmas, oh Merry Christmas

Time of happiness, time of peace

Full of love and merry wishes

Time to prosper, joy increase


Long back ago, our saviour was born

Born to save all creatures and mankind

Save us from being corrupt and torn

Thus started a new era, well redefined


Now it’s Christmas, time for fun

Time to enjoy with friends and family

To be together united as one

Happiness and love comes naturally


Houses decorated to be colourful

With lights and ornaments hanging around

Christmas tree turned out to be beautiful

And the ringing bells make a soothing sound


Santa’s on the roll, presents in his hand

To deliver to people, children and adults alike

Riding a reindeer sleigh, flying on his command

Eating cookies and drinking milk that he truly like


Singing carols as much as the heart’s content

Midnight walks through the cold white snow

Happiness filled inside, days being well spent

Giving life beauty, it’s most prosperous glow


Sipping on hot chocolate, presents adored

Parties held together, enjoyment filled the air

Being good on Santa’s list, in deed than word

Filled with love around, but also utter prayer


Falling in special love under a mistletoe

Snowman guarded the house, feeling chilled

Ice skating around and there all of us go

Everywhere, the spirit of Christmas filled


Cheer for Christmas is surrounding with hope

Along with treats, presents, movies and toy

Ring O’ Bell, jingling everywhere around the globe

Ringing the most soothing chimes of joy

Christmas is coming

“Christmas is coming, dad. Santa’s coming soon.” – He said.

“Santa’s not real, son. It’s just a story for children.” – His father said.

Tears filled his eyes. He couldn’t bear listening to it anymore.

“You won’t know if Santa’s real and if you truly believe in the spirit of Christmas, then you’ll know he is real.”

Enlightenment bestowed on his father when he knew what his son said was true. He has lost his belief in Christmas and so, all the things that he did when he was young was left stranded in between the journey.

“Wipe your eyes” – His father said.

“What for?” – He asked.

“Santa’s coming, you know.”

He looked up to see his father smiling with a wink. Happiness filled him fully.

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