Dear Mathematics - Edwin's Journal

Dear Mathematics


Please don’t ask me your X

Wait! You got an ex

What’s her name? Matrix?


I know you got

A one-one relation

But Mr. CALCULUS won’t let you

Do the calculation


What about Mr. MODULUS

Is he still after positive thing?

I know that he is complex

But what does he bring?


Have you got, the theorem’s proof

Cause Logarithm can wait no longer

Exponential is fast asleep

And Trigonometry is still harder


Hey, I’ve come to a slope

But there’s no range of your house

What angle should I look?

20o, 40o or 120o?


I think I reached my limits

But in probability, I may be near you

So I should follow your example

Cause continuity is following me too


Hey, there’s a series of functions

Going around your house

But please don’t ask me

Cause I don’t know Y.

Got it? Nope!


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