Christmas is coming - Edwin's Journal

Christmas is coming

“Christmas is coming, dad. Santa’s coming soon.” – He said.

“Santa’s not real, son. It’s just a story for children.” – His father said.

Tears filled his eyes. He couldn’t bear listening to it anymore.

“You won’t know if Santa’s real and if you truly believe in the spirit of Christmas, then you’ll know he is real.”

Enlightenment bestowed on his father when he knew what his son said was true. He has lost his belief in Christmas and so, all the things that he did when he was young was left stranded in between the journey.

“Wipe your eyes” – His father said.

“What for?” – He asked.

“Santa’s coming, you know.”

He looked up to see his father smiling with a wink. Happiness filled him fully.

We should all Believe in Christmas spirit.


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