Chimes of Joy - Edwin's Journal

Chimes of Joy

Christmas, oh Merry Christmas

Time of happiness, time of peace

Full of love and merry wishes

Time to prosper, joy increase


Long back ago, our saviour was born

Born to save all creatures and mankind

Save us from being corrupt and torn

Thus started a new era, well redefined


Now it’s Christmas, time for fun

Time to enjoy with friends and family

To be together united as one

Happiness and love comes naturally


Houses decorated to be colourful

With lights and ornaments hanging around

Christmas tree turned out to be beautiful

And the ringing bells make a soothing sound


Santa’s on the roll, presents in his hand

To deliver to people, children and adults alike

Riding a reindeer sleigh, flying on his command

Eating cookies and drinking milk that he truly like


Singing carols as much as the heart’s content

Midnight walks through the cold white snow

Happiness filled inside, days being well spent

Giving life beauty, it’s most prosperous glow


Sipping on hot chocolate, presents adored

Parties held together, enjoyment filled the air

Being good on Santa’s list, in deed than word

Filled with love around, but also utter prayer


Falling in special love under a mistletoe

Snowman guarded the house, feeling chilled

Ice skating around and there all of us go

Everywhere, the spirit of Christmas filled


Cheer for Christmas is surrounding with hope

Along with treats, presents, movies and toy

Ring O’ Bell, jingling everywhere around the globe

Ringing the most soothing chimes of joy

Merry Christmas


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