My Fantasy World - Edwin's Journal

My Fantasy World

I went to a place,

A fantasy place

And I ran and played

Cause the sun’s ablaze


It is a place where

The trees could walk

And also where

The creatures could talk


A place so beautiful

That it melts our heart

With so many colors

As if drawn by art


A place where fairies

Will sing us a song

And dwarves will help us

Cause they can’t wait so long


Is this the Wonderland

Where Alice had gone?

Or is this Narnia

That Aslan ruled so long


I went on ahead

Cause I don’t know well

And I saw a boy

Casting a magical spell


Hello – he said cheerfully

Hello, but who are you?

Oh, I’m Harry, Harry Potter

Oh my God, is that true?


We all are here

And you sure will find

Cause we came from

Inside your mind


I get it now

Because all this is true

I’m in a Fantasy World

Which is mine and yours too.


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