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Why are we, So like this?

Have you ever thought that you are better than someone? Have you ever thought that you are special? Well, of course you are special. But don’t boast about it, because you’re special, but not perfect. In fact, nobody in this world is perfect. There is not even a single person in this world that can be regarded as a perfect one. That includes ME too.

In India, we as a citizen have many responsibilities to do to our nation. But do we do any of that? NO! WHY? Why can’t we respect our laws and accept it? This is not a question, just to be thought of, but it’s for to be done. We, as Indians think that we are nothing compared to other nations. We think that our constitution is a joke and the government is all fools. But if you think that you’re far better than you say you are, then why can’t you, for a change lead India to greatness. YOU CAN’T? WHY? You just said that you can, then why go back?

When you go to other countries, as Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has said – “you are at your INTERNATIONAL BEST!” Why are you at your best, in other countries, when you can’t be in your own country? When people ask you where you’re from, you proudly say – “I’m from INDIA.” They would reply – “Oh! Nice to meet you” in a friendly manner because they respect us. But why can’t you respect your country too? If you did, then why did you abandon your own country and fled to other ones? And if you really care about your country then can you proudly say – “I’M FROM INDIA AND I LOVE MY COUNTRY” in front of a whole crowd. Maybe you can, but you won’t. You just think that this is a joke and we, the jokers.

Why are we so NEGATIVE? Not just YOU and ME, but EVERYBODY. We are all focusing on negative things. The media, for instance, focus most on negative news as well as we gossip about other’s bad deeds. The media always follow famous personality and whatever they do will be news all over the nation. They don’t care about actual news. All they care about is attention and ratings. For example, if a small boy gives his life savings of Rs.10 to a beggar, the media would say – “Phoo, what? Is this news? I don’t think so.” And it would go as fast as it came. But if a minister came and patted the back of the same beggar and said – “Get well soon” and went away, the media would come rushing in.

“The Famous Beggar”
“Kind Minister.”
“Minister helps to save people from Poverty.”

And so and so… It would be like a nuclear bomb had fallen everywhere. But all this will finish the next day and this will not give the happiness and satisfaction that the child gave him, when the child gave Rs.10 to him by which he could at least buy one cup of tea for the thirst he suffer. But the media only follows famous people like the tail following the head and the main headline would be – “THE MINISTER DID THAT.” “THE MINISTER DID THIS.” That’s the present situation of our media. Only god knows what will become later on.

Why are we so negative? I don’t know.

Whenever I open the newspaper, it’s always bad news.


These will be the main heading most of the time. It’s always the same, CORRUPTION, RAPE and DEATH.

In India, it’s mostly the “FOLLOW THE LEADER” motive. People don’t care what the cause is, maybe it’s for good or maybe it’s for corruption. But WHO CARES? NOBODY. If famous personalities, actors and some did this, then do this. If they did that, then do that. And if they did neither this nor that, then don’t even think about it. That’s people. What can we do? “PEOPLE WILL BE PEOPLE” no matter what we do.

But for once, why can’t you be the leader. Be the leader to bring this nation to its extreme top. But who is going to do it? Not ME and definitely not YOU. That’s what we all say. “I don’t want to be the guide; I only wanted to be guided.” That’s what most of us probably will say and whenever we are guided we say – “GET LOST! I don’t want to be guided. I know to follow my own path.” We all say one thing and do the other. Yeah, we ALL do that. NOBODY’S DIFFERENT!

Whenever people try to correct other, they will not accept the good. Whenever other people say –

“Hey, don’t do that!”

We reply,

“Who are you to judge me?”
Other:  “I…. I just said that…..”
We:     “I said I don’t want your opinion.”
Other:  “Hey, why are you angry with me?”
We:      “If you say anything else, I will definitely hit you hard.”

This may lead to conflict, then to a fight and maybe to death.

In fact, the real conflict arises between the new and old generations, in other words, the technological and technologic-less generation. The youth thinks that having some cool gadgets make them supreme. In reality, these all gadgets started arising from the hardship of the elders. So who is more supreme? In fact, no one is.  We cannot say supremacy between generations because each generation has its own characteristics and having a conflict about this supremacy is all just a load of rubbish.

The conflict arises when the elders see that their children are always in front of the computers, they scold us even if we are doing something creative and the youth see these scolding irritating because the parents are putting their head in our business. We fail to see that they are scolding us because they love us so much. They think that we are going off course and drifting away from our studies. These behaviours, at last, lead to conflict between them.

In truth, we should learn to accept ourselves and others. Only when we do this, we can bring out nation to the top. A nation is not going anywhere unless the citizens think so. So it’s our job to leave all negative from our head and put all the positive things inside. Even one small good deed done by everyone will change the whole world and when we do, let other nations follow our path and respect us as we did for them.


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