Dear Mom - Edwin's Journal

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

You are the one who stays by my side no matter what. You have scolded me, beaten me, and even get angry with me, but I know for a fact that you’ll be the one who will always love me the most no matter what. You’ve raised me to be the successful person that I’m today and I’ll keep on growing up on life for you. You’re my very first teacher and taught me that life’s a journey and I need to keep moving on. I know that even if there’s no one else besides me, I could always count on you, mother. I know that you love me to the fullest and I too love you dearly, as a universal truth as for always you’ll be my mother. You’ll always be the first woman that I ever loved dearly in my life. You’ll always be the flavouring recipe that sweetens my life.


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