Destined to be Together - Edwin's Journal

Destined to be Together

There was a place, where we used to go

Full of cherished love and soulful happiness

And the bond we shared, which started ago

Can never be broken, even in great distress


Whatever we do and whatever we say

Even if it is good or a little worse

We’ll always be one heart, even if we turn grey

Like a love story with a long and beautiful verse


If I am the stem that holds you close in my arms

Then you are the flower, which radiates the beauty in me

You are the angel that takes my heart with your charms

And smiles that give my soul a great freshening glee


And now you have to go, to another place

And you have left me in greatly shattered pieces

I know that I will never lose your love and grace

But seeing how far you are, the pain inside increases


I know that one day, we will cross each other

And continue the relationship that was never ended

Because we two are destined to be together

And the shattered pieces will all be perfectly mended


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