Laughter of the Young - Edwin's Journal

Laughter of the Young

Do you wish to be a child again, Jack

To sing and dance and laugh like you will

Do you still want your old days back

And forget the temper, as you can still


Have you ever seen a child

Being so mature or anything more

Or even a parent that is mild

And is playful and is so immature


Children are the god’s true present

They are the colours of life, just admit

They don’t take life with any intent

But they know the real meaning of it


People tend to be more on a term

Rather than enjoy with all your sense

They are always so strict and firm

And they tend to become a lot tense


Have you ever seen, the laughter

Of your parent or their sorrow

They are happy, but more after

Think about the pain of tomorrow


If you are laughing, be beguiled

Laugh like a child and be the light

Because the laughter of a child

Can make even the bad man bright


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