The letter ‘a’


“I started your education; I made you where you’re at.

You used me once in a sentence, even more than that

You never go without using me, I am proud to be

All you Englishmen, bow down to the mighty me”



The letter ‘a’




“You meet me, instead of seeing

You say, instead of being

To show your presence

To the vast set of audience”




Lone Wolf


It’s approximately 12 AM on 04 April. The time, that I had put up my mind to begin this challenge. This is often not only just a challenge, however, to understand several things and to seek out whether or not I might keep my mind on something. There are numerous things that I had to depart after I started getting online. I would like to understand whether or not I might get that all back. I not solely need to know, I want to.

So let’s begin with the things that I attained and those that I missed. Let’s begin with those things that I attained. I got plenty of information concerning computer. I learned several things, most were started simply to check what it is. It absolutely was fun actually; obtaining new information, finding several things and such. Then started the era of using Facebook. I started it because I have heard plenty about it. I even have heard people asking others whether or not they are using Facebook or not. I got numerous friends and it additionally allowed me to speak whenever I’m not with them. However, I never thought that I might get very hooked into it. A time without using online social networks was on a daily basis packed with irritation. Using social networks was really good; however, it made me loose so many things that were precious once.

The factor that I lost the foremost is to speak face to face. I have always seen that whenever I’m talking online, I will speak freely. I can say anything. I will tease; make fun, fight in words. Whenever I’m talking face to face, I even have a fear of saying something. Its sort of a burden has fallen at that time on my shoulders. I forever felt whether or not I ought to say this or that or try this or that. I make up plenty of questions once speaking face to face which makes me talk less face to face. The next factor I lost is that the time outside and playing. Ever since I started using a computer or the social networks, I even have lost the wish to play outside. Every time that I reside home has made me lazier to travel outside. All the time that I played with my friends is now just a memory that resides in my mind. All the time that I have played, climbed trees with friends whenever free, fighting for our turn to bat in cricket, scoring a goal in soccer, cheering for our brother’s game, cycling around are all just a few memories, simply the past to look for.

Every time I stayed with my computer, I even have lost my touch with society, with family and additionally generally with friends. This created me lazy to the items that I even have done before. It’s like coming back home solely to use my computer. Simply get online and scroll up and down. Every time that I pay online is nothing compared to talking and having fun with friends face to face.

Talking online to others isn’t the way to speak. We must always talk to one another by seeing one another. Otherwise, it’s sort of a robot is talking to another. No one will see the real emotions that the person has. Perhaps the person is crying and talking fun. However, can you recognise if you’re not close to him? Talking online isn’t any sharing of happiness, sorrow or love. It’s simply a medium to speak. There aren’t any real emotions or whatever. Talking online to every other is nothing. What’s the fun in that?

The real fun is outside like I understood. Life is something that you just realise once you go out of your house. It’s a journey that each one of us ought to taste. Staying home and getting online isn’t what life is. There’s plenty more than that. A single walk outside will provide us with a lot of happiness than staying lazy and doing nothing at home. It’s time to seek out fun, even for just a few days. It’s time to relish life whereas I still can. No one is aware of however long one can live. Therefore I even have to live and enjoy as I can. It’s better to be alone rather than depend on others. I’m currently making an attempt to be alone and enjoy life as a lone wolf.

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Life of Teddy

There was once a toy named Teddy

Who was all alone and was really sad

Those who came to the store wasn’t ready

To even buy him and that made him bad


When he came, he was full of joy

But people saw he was made of wool

People just saw him as a stuffed toy

But inside he had love to his full


Day by day, he wished to get hugs

By each people who came to the store

Buying cards and even coffee mugs

Or even painting and something more


Somebody bought his best friend

And somebody else brought his enemy

But nobody had time to spend

With him, to heal him by the remedy


He looked happy but was crying deep inside

Until a boy came, like blessing from the skies

The boy came inside and his eyes open wide

And he bought him, Teddy was full of surprise


Teddy was happy and even joyful

That, someone had seen him pleasant

And he was even further peaceful

When he found out that, he is a present


He was happy to be the present

Of the girl, whom the boy truly care

Teddy was really happy and pleasant

To be the connection, that was truly there


He waited with ease, for some while

Until he was going to be handed over

To a beautiful girl, with a cute smile

And forever be her lucky clover


She loved Teddy with devotions

And so did her friends and all above

Teddy was really full of emotions

To be a part of someone’s love

Happy Birthday

Do you know what day it’s today?

Because I do and I know you also do

I have been waiting for this very day

As long as that I have ever seen you


Today is really a life turning point

Of your life that god has began

And it’s your duty to try and joint

And make the best day as you can


Everything that I have said to you

And things I have done for a while

Is for to make you happy and true

And to see the cheer of your smile


I have always said you’re full of grace

And I meant what I said from the start

Cause beauty is not defined by a face

It’s more defined by a person’s heart


Today is the day, that you’re truly adorn

And for me, it’s truly is a special day

Cause it’s the day that you were born

And so, I must be singing Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, dear Malu


I’ve always loved her beauty

Not just in her good looks

But also in her heart, truly

She’s like a fairy in the books


Every time I stay with her

My heart for her is dear

And when I’m not with her

I always wish to be near


She is beauty and she is love

For me, she is everything

That I ever wanted, from above

And I feel like I’m in spring


Even the earrings she wears

Everyday gives me pleasure

It embraces her beauty and appears

Even further, than I can measure


Plain ones or even the gold

Diamonds and those that are coloured

Even the other ones that she hold

It really suits for her innocent head


I know her earrings is beloved

For her, more than I ever do

And as her love, even more glowed

I’m lucky, now that I’ve found you.



One should be a Graceful Optimist in Life. But should learn to Critique and categorize everything that happens before him to make sure if it’s beneficial or trouble for him.

Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved,

You’re my life and you’re my love. You will always reside in my heart forever and ever. There’s always that special place in my life for you. No other person can have access to that, but only you. You are my happiness and my strength. You loved me like no one else did. You stood always close with me. In every peril, we stood strong that nothing can ever tear us both down. Whenever we faced any obstacles, we came back strong, came back more powerful in love and I know that it will be so till eternity. Even in sickness and in health, the love we share can never be broken. You are not just a person, but the other half of mine.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

You were always close to me, no matter what. Some of you I know for real face to face, whereas some I do not. Some of you, I haven’t even seen you in real life. Some of you, I haven’t even talked to you. Some of you must have been so close to me everytime. Some of you must have talked to me a lot often back in the old days. Some of you have called me or messaged me everytime that you get. Some of you enjoyed your time with me as I enjoyed with you. But I know, all of you love me and care for me. I’m deeply honoured to call you my friend.

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