Life of Teddy - Edwin's Journal

Life of Teddy

There was once a toy named Teddy

Who was all alone and was really sad

Those who came to the store wasn’t ready

To even buy him and that made him bad


When he came, he was full of joy

But people saw he was made of wool

People just saw him as a stuffed toy

But inside he had love to his full


Day by day, he wished to get hugs

By each people who came to the store

Buying cards and even coffee mugs

Or even painting and something more


Somebody bought his best friend

And somebody else brought his enemy

But nobody had time to spend

With him, to heal him by the remedy


He looked happy but was crying deep inside

Until a boy came, like a blessing from the skies

The boy came inside and his eyes open wide

And he bought him, Teddy was full of surprise


Teddy was happy and even joyful

That, someone, had seen him pleasant

And he was even further peaceful

When he found out that, he is a present


He was happy to be the present

Of the girl, whom the boy truly care

Teddy was really happy and pleasant

To be the connection, that was truly there


He waited with ease, for some while

Until he was going to be handed over

To a beautiful girl, with a cute smile

And forever be her lucky clover


She loved Teddy with devotions

And so did her friends and all above

Teddy was really full of emotions

To be a part of someone’s love


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