I Like Myself!

Today, there are a lot of people who admire themselves and love their own self. These kinds of people are called a narcissist. Narcissism is the term used to define a focus on one’s self-admiration about his own physical and mental attributes. The term originated in Greek mythology with Narcissus, who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.

Narcissism is considered a social and cultural problem. It can create problems in a person’s or group’s relationship with others. People with these disorders have intense unstable emotions and a distorted self-image.

Today, we have a lot of people who admire themselves, but we cannot describe all of them as narcissists. Most of the people, especially teenagers are the ones who are really aware of their own physical and mental health. Teenagers take up new trends in fashion especially their clothes, hairstyle and also about their body. But this cannot be regarded as narcissism. This is plainly just trying to impress their opposite sex.

Teenage is the formative period of life. The impressions acquired during this period last for a long time. It is the period when ambitions are cherished and goals are formed. At this period, our minds change. It is not the same as it was when we were 5 years old. One is reminded the old Cliff Richard song – “GOODBYE SAM! HELLO SAMANTHA!!”

Some of the elders may or may not like their children taking up these trends because they think that these are totally unnecessary regarding the children. They may think that their child is becoming a narcissist, that he or she is becoming more and more aware of themselves than others. But this must stop, the elders should know that their children are living at another time; they must know that their children are living differently from what the elders had lived. They should not feel that their children are being a narcissist because they are not.

We can easily point out a narcissist because they will be so obsessed with themselves that they feel a sense of superiority, arrogance, self-admiration among themselves.

Being a narcissist has both advantages and disadvantages. A narcissist has a positive feel about himself. He feels self-confident and is shameless. But a narcissist is really a problem for the society. He feels that he is the most perfect of all. He may feel superior and try to minimise other peoples. They try to seek constant attention and admiration and may sometimes take advantage of others to achieve their goal. However, these attitudes and behaviour do not reflect true self-confidence. Instead, the attitude conceals a deep sense of insecurity and a fragile self-esteem.

It is believed that people become narcissist at their young age when they experience some parenting styles or when parents have a need for their children to be talented or special in order to maintain their self-esteem. Sometimes it may develop as a result of neglect or abuse and trauma inflicted by parents or other authority figures during childhood.

It is hard to stop a narcissist from being obsessed with himself. But we can stop others from becoming a narcissist. He should be taught to accept himself as who he is. Even if we are not perfect or not, we should not feel ashamed, because all are not perfect. In fact, nobody is perfect. We should try to accept ourselves and also accept others. Only then we will succeed in life.


Hickety Pickety Pock

Hickety Pickety Pock

You know how to talk

Hickety Pickety Pock

Let’s go for a walk


Running around the top of the hill

And see it all, against their will

Running and jumping and

Playing and fighting and


Hickety Pickety Pock

You must never mock

Hickety Pickety Pock

The clock goes tick-tock


We all went to see

Clouds with a capital ‘C’

All these honey bee

Are just flying to me


There are 7 days in a week

So much time for us to speak

I want to give you something new

Love, it’s good and so much true


Everybody take one chalk

Draw a heart on that rock

Go to class, it’s 12 o’ clock

Hickety Pickety Pock

Hibbity Bibbity Dance

Come on dear friends

This is our chance

Come on, let’s do

The hibbity bibbity dance


We’re alone in the forest

So no one’s here

So what about a little joy

Before anybody draws near


Come on dear, come on

It’s time to enjoy

Let’s dance a little longer

Cause it will give us joy


One step forward, two steps back

Put your feet forward and do a clap

Jump up above and roll on you back

And that’s the hibbity bibbity dance


Hibbity bibbity, Hibbity bibbity

One two three

Hibbity bibbity, Hibbity bibbity

Left right left


Come on friends, let’s do the dance

And please just don’t say no

It’s our only time to enjoy

And after that, we all will go


Jump to the left and then to the right

Hold my hands and laugh as you might

Stretch your hands and jump like you fly

And this is the hibbity bibbity dance


Hibbity bibbity, Hibbity bibbity

One two three

Hibbity bibbity, Hibbity bibbity

Let’s climb a tree

Living a Jumanji Life

I’m so bored so that I’m going to roll the dice

It’s better to go than living with these lies

Play by the rules and obey it

What, rules? I don’t like it


Play it with your friends

Cause it continues till the game ends

Oh my god! Big mosquitoes! Kill it

Why fight, when you always squash it


And a big lion in the living room

Wow! How cool is that, to go to our doom

Why is there a lot of baboon?

Running around the land and disappeared so soon


Where in the traffic, the vehicles go, alas!

But in the walk zone, all the animals, they pass

Beware of the hunter with a short straight hat

Cause, he always shoots, but never get the man! What?


Got to keep an umbrella with you, not the comb

Cause the rain is pouring inside your home

Three, Two, One and it’s the end and we won

Oh, it was getting fun, but now it’s done

Lone Wolf – Day 1

A new day begins. Since I’m not living in a big town, there’s no real noise out here. Here there’s solely a little sound of traffic and a little sound of people. I was having a good dream; that I don’t remember currently when my mom came calling me. She came and woke me up – “Wake Up. It’s enough that you just slept like a buffalo.” My sleep was gone thanks to my mother. I checked out the clock, it was simply 8.55 AM. y father was putting up sheets out in the front, therefore I got no other choice instead of to get up and help him. After finishing the work and having breakfast, I wondered what I’m going to do these days. Even if this day marks the beginning of my lone days, it simply feels like a regular day, nothing abundant. I wondered all the things that I may do. However no hope, I couldn’t find something that might have satisfied me at the moment.

So I had no alternative choice, instead of to work. I cleaned and ordered my shelf first. I took out my old books and old things out. Old books do contain many memories. All the scribbling that I had done in class, all the things that I wrote in my books, all the pictures that I drew when I was bored in class was all just a memory now. I took out many books, mainly old notebooks and some textbooks. I also had some collection of hand bands. I tried it on and it was really tight. I wondered how fast I grew. Time does fly when you are enjoying life. After finishing up my shelf, I went to bath. I saw my clothes and thought of washing it. After all, I had no other things to do. It’s better to do some work, rather than walking around here and there. My mother was so happy seeing it.

I thought of some other things that I could do but cannot find one. So I thought of going out to somewhere, finding new roads and new places. But I could not use my mother’s scooter because she won’t give me money for petrol. Then I remembered my old bicycle, which was there on the backside of my house. I had not used my bicycle, ever since I got the scooter to ride, which may be like approximately around 1 year. So now it is like clearing the dust of the memory and again start riding as free as the air. At old times, I used to go everywhere with my bicycle. Since it doesn’t need any lubricant to run, I will go as far as I like. It absolutely was extremely fun back those days. Riding and racing with friends, the hardships to ride in an up-slope road and also the easiness in riding the down-slope road, attempting out stunts whereas riding and making an attempt to win with other vehicles; mainly a car or a motorbike. Riding with friends is one memory that each one of us ought to have.

At evening, I asked my parents whether or not I could prolong a long distance trip with my bicycle. They were reluctant initially, however eventually said alright; however, I do know that it’s not really by heart. They’re extremely frightened whether or not something would happen to me. However, life is as it is. It will come at one time and precede the other. I am also frightened a little about that trip. I don’t even assume I can create a visit that long. I typically feel that I can whereas, on another time, I feel I can’t. I feel that way as a result of I don’t know what to do if something happens to my bicycle within the middle of the road. For example, my cycle tire caught punctured, which will result in an enormous problem. After going an extended distance, it is impossible to return back.

I searched the internet to search for nearby tourist locations in Ernakulam district. I am not planning to leave any further. This is enough already. I may or may not make this trip. I stopped thinking about it and to cool down, I saw a film. Since I have nothing else to do today, I think it’s time to call this a night. I was about to sleep early when Josh, a friend at my college called me. I was so happy. He is attending an NCC camp and called from there. I was so happy because he is the first person to call me after I decided not to go online. He told me the details of his camp and also told me to tell that he asked about everyone else. I told him yes. He said he had to go and will call again when he can. After that, I felt that I am still wanted by some people. Even when I’m not online, I may be missed. That is enough for me now, time to sleep now, so Good Night.

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Rise above

And the Lord rose once more,

High above to the stupendous sky

So shall to rule the world,

In his way of harmony and peace

The letters ‘th’


“Ten we were on the way, but

I may not come first because I’m no winner

I may not come second because I’m no runner-up

I may not come third because I don’t deserve much

But I may come anything other than those

Because I know I can and I will”



The letters ‘th’

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