Living a Jumanji Life- Edwin's Journal

Living a Jumanji Life

I’m so bored so that I’m going to roll the dice

It’s better to go than living with these lies

Play by the rules and obey it

What, rules? I don’t like it


Play it with your friends

Cause it continues till the game ends

Oh my god! Big mosquitoes! Kill it

Why fight, when you always squash it


And a big lion in the living room

Wow! How cool is that, to go to our doom

Why is there a lot of baboon?

Running around the land and disappeared so soon


Where in the traffic, the vehicles go, alas!

But in the walk zone, all the animals, they pass

Beware of the hunter with a short straight hat

Cause, he always shoots, but never get the man! What?


Got to keep an umbrella with you, not the comb

Cause the rain is pouring inside your home

Three, Two, One and it’s the end and we won

Oh, it was getting fun, but now it’s done


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