Hickety Pickety Pock- Edwin's Journal

Hickety Pickety Pock

Hickety Pickety Pock

You know how to talk

Hickety Pickety Pock

Let’s go for a walk


Running around the top of the hill

And see it all, against their will

Running and jumping and

Playing and fighting and


Hickety Pickety Pock

You must never mock

Hickety Pickety Pock

The clock goes tick-tock


We all went to see

Clouds with a capital ‘C’

All these honey bee

Are just flying to me


There are 7 days in a week

So much time for us to speak

I want to give you something new

Love, it’s good and so much true


Everybody take one chalk

Draw a heart on that rock

Go to class, it’s 12 o’ clock

Hickety Pickety Pock


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