Boredom- Edwin's Journal


Vacation, a name that made us

Smile back in the old days as one

Make us think about all the time, thus

We have to enjoy and also have fun


It’s the time to play some game

With all our friends, in ground or road

Go to our friends’ houses and came

And also to our cousin’s abode


Those were the days, that all of us

Waited for long, back in the old days

Cause at that time having fun was, thus

More enjoyable than school, we praise


But now, boredom has struck

And just sit idly at home, still here

With nothing much to do, so stuck

Rather, miss those who are dear


Everyone around is busy these days

Living their own lives and staying there

And no one likes anything to do or plays

Outside, like the old days, we’re everywhere


Why is that, in the old days we had?

Having vacation was fun, so deep

But now vacation is nothing, so bad

Other than boredom and sleep


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