College Days- Edwin's Journal

College Days

Those days were some of the best

That I ever had and was full of blast

And I’m now thinking of the rest

Wondering how it all ends so fast?


It’s like it was just yesterday

That my college days had began

And met all of you, and by the way

Enjoy as much as that I ever can


All the time everyone of us had

Inside and outside of class, was part

Of the fun, that made us all glad

And had left a mark in our heart


I will surely miss all of you, I admit

And I know I will meet you soon

But how many times I think about it

I couldn’t get how this year had gone


Two years had gone past so fast

And I fear the other one will be too

It’s true as it is said, that time will last

Or it will fly when having fun with you


It was fun to meet new friends

And also filled me with heartfelt glee

Whom I like to stay with, till time ends

Cause these are the people for me


Now I think of all of you, and so

All the time that we ever adored

All the things we did, and also

All the places that we had explored


I thank god for giving me all of you

Because I think that you all truly

Are the best friends that even I too

Could ever get in my life so duly


I miss those beautiful days so profound

The days we strolled around the ways

Through the buildings and the ground

It was really fun, these college days


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