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Lone Wolf – Day 2

Today started rather like every other day in my life, a call from my mother asking me to wake up. It was about 8.15 AM when she called me. She woke me up and asked whether I’m going to college or not. I remembered that I actually have special class today. I got up, did my daily routine and went to college. Whatever I actually have to do, I’ll never leave a single day at college. I would even cut classes, however only after I go to college. The atmosphere of my college offers me a lot of pleasure than staying at home. Talking with friends, learning, walking around through the grounds and everything composes the beauty of the college. My college had created an enormous impact on me. Even when I have no class, I go to my college, sometimes alone. The time spent in my college gives me the opportunity to think about anything and also about anybody.

I went to college and saw my friends’ busy writing an assignment. Even I also have to write it, and so I bought my friend’s assignment and copied it fully. Not only had I, everyone else also copied it. Then our teacher came and started his class. Well, every one of you knows what happens inside a classroom. Listening, writing, boredom, sleeping, talking, making fun of others, talking about other matters, and so on. Our teacher only took the class up to afternoon. He stopped at our request and we told him that he could take the rest of the portion tomorrow.

Today was a regular day as always at college. What more regular can it get? So I had nothing else to do, I had finished up my assignment before even the class began. So I went to speak with my best friend, Isha. I like talking to her and I continually go to talk to her every time I get. She had finished up her assignment too. We were talking concerning everything. Current details, friends, and all other things. It’s very fun talking to her because she will prolong talking about things and it’s very fun listening to her. She won’t even give time for me to speak. She is sort of a human radio; I would hear what she says, however, can’t tell her anything back. When I’m about to tell her something, she continues on along with her talking. I won’t blame her. It’s fun listening to her and that I love listening to her voice.

And then she asked the question. She asked me why I actually have gone offline all of a sudden and left all of them. I told her, I’ll tell her after a couple of days. But she wants to know. She repeatedly asked me what it is. So I had no other choice than to tell her what this is all about. I told her about the challenge, the trip and to know who all actually care for me. She said ok, and we continued with our talking. Seeing us, some of my friends teased us. It doesn’t matter because I don’t have any problem, neither does she. We just take it as a joke, nothing more. So even if most of my friends tease and make fun of us, we don’t take notice and continue with our talking. Then, we went to hear stories of my friends, their love affairs, fun time and such. After that, we all went home. At the bus stand, I met with an old friend of mine, Emma. She was on her way back to home from college. We talked for some time. It was good, meeting with old friends. It makes me feel that I am still befriended by everyone.

On my way back home, I got a call from my friend Robert, asking to upload our music video to YouTube and share the details and cover art to our Facebook page. I told him that I can’t. I told him that my parents had told me not to use the internet until my exams are over. I didn’t tell him about my challenge. But he didn’t accept that, he told me to do it somehow. I had no other choice rather than to drop my challenge and get online. I called Isha and told her of this. She made fun of me and we laughed. She was busy and said she’ll come later. I got online and talked to all my friends that I talk to every day. I searched through my profile and also talked to most people online. Then came Isha with her daily routine, asking for any writing; mainly a poem. I wasn’t able to get rid of her request, and so, I wrote her one. And so we continued our talk online. Now that I have got online apart from my wish, I have to shorten it down. I have to go offline more time and explore the wonders of nature, wherever and whenever I possibly can. I hope I get at least that done. Good night.

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