A Forest, with no Trees- Edwin's Journal

A Forest, with no Trees

There was a tree

In the middle of the forest

It was really big and strong

But it was the only one in the forest


Where are the other trees?

Cause I can see none

And even if it is a forest

This is the only one


The tree cared for the birds

And animals that lived in

And shelters them from sun and rain

And saves the creatures within


There are some flowers

And also some seeds

I think this is the beginning

Of a new life’s deeds


I watched the leaves

Falling down one by one

Until all the leaves

Reach from this to none


Hey wait, there’s someone coming

Cause I can hear some noises

I wonder who that might be

I think it’s a man from his voices


Oh there they are and with an axe

Ready to cut the tree down in half

And all the creatures run around

The men look at each other and laugh.


One cut, two cut

And a few cuts more

And at last the tree

Did fell to the floor


I am sorry for that tree

As new life went to debris

As I said, this is a forest

Now, with no trees


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