Sad for the Bird- Edwin's Journal

Sad for the Bird

There once lived, a beautiful green coloured bird

That had soared high through the skies one day

Seeking new destinations to see and to be heard

And finding happiness and peace along the way


It started its life in the nest, from just a tiny little egg

And was born into a beautiful little bird, so true

It had stayed in its nest for some time, for food to beg

Taken care of by her mother as all of us were too


Her mother taught her how to fly, to spread its wings

To take a leap of faith and go across the world on her own

She had begun going more distance and was full of sings,

One day, her mother told it’s time for her to go alone


She had set free on her own to explore the world

To know new things and what lies beyond so blazing

For her, it was totally a new experience, all unfurled

It was breathtaking and she found all of it amazing


The more she went, the more she knew, had began

The more she flew, the more she saw, both in and out

And at last, she went and flew forth to the land of man

A strange creature she had never seen or heard about


She was fascinated at first, seeing this new creature

As it was different from all the others she saw

They are walking on two legs and wear funny leathers

Everyone was different, big and small, tall and short


She thought to befriend them and went on forth

But she saw greed in their eyes, which made her fright

They tried to capture her, make her bound tight

As if they were the master of she, a lonely little bird


She tried to fly away, but unlucky was caught

Was put in a cage, an iron one, coloured and bold

She was full of scare, for she is just a tiny little bird

Who just wanted to greet and meet, but can’t


The man brought her to his abode, big and blocks

Where a tiny creature like the man came running around

He took the cage and shook a little to see her move

But all that did was injure her, more and more


The man was happy, but she was not

For all she got, were the pain and all the injuries

The man opened the cage and holds her hard

And ran his hand in mid-air, like he was making her fly


But she is a bird; for she knows how to fly free and strong

But the man doesn’t care and don’t wish to let her go

At last, with all the strength she had, she gave a peck in his hand

The man let her go in pain and she was free and flew on


She was free at last and soared up high above the skies

But she can’t, for she was brutally injured to the cause

And slow by slow; she was falling down, down to the ground

And she fell, but in front of a cat, her natural enemy


She saw hunger and desire in its eyes, blazing like hot flames

And so the cat came near, running towards with open mouth

She was full of fright and tried to fly, but her wings were weak

She got up somehow and ran, slow and barely until she got away


Is this the world that she is living in? The world of love & peace

How good it was to be with her mother, who cared and loved her

Now she lost the trust in the world she once knew, but soon forgot

All the beauty she saw, is now all turned into dust in her heart


She spread her wings, but can’t, for she is too weak, but wants to

She tried again and so she tried, tried again and again as she flew

She flew as slow and weak as she could, to leave this unfaithful land

A land that had given more pain, more scars, more than she could take


She became weak, weaker due to heavy heat falling on her

There was no clean water to even drink, not even one, she could see

All this heat had made the weak, weaker, made her throat go dry

All this was bestowed upon her by the same creature that pained her


She had no more energy to continue to go on, even a few more

Just then an eagle came flying and struck her hard onto the ground

Like the mighty people hitting and killing all the poor and the weak

And so, there she lay, lay still on the ground, weaker and near the end


Just then a girl came and saw the bird laying there still and weak

The girl felt sad and was really heartbroken to see the bird like that

So she went inside her house to take some water to give it to the bird

But there she lay still, for the bird had gone, far away beyond reach


The bird’s life is now over, and what pained it suffered, all it took on

It was just a small little bird, happy and bright like the blooming flowers

But now, it laid there, stone cold as ice with ants crawling on top for food

Even in her death, all that she got was pain and suffering, to end what is left


And so the bird went on, to a place of good, a place totally different

A place full of peace and love, cherished and shared between all

She was amazed at this place, full of love and looked down to earth

And what did she, had made her astonish, for what she saw was


The girl she saw, was still beside her, crying and caring for the bird

It was the first time that she had got the touch of love, for a long time

The love the girl had for the bird, had touched the bird’s, heart

Even if the bird is miles and miles away from her, from all of them


The bird then knew for she was wrong to judge all man as same

For some are cruel whereas most are not, for every bad, there is good

And so the bird is happy, happiest of them all, for she had forgotten

All the pain she got, with the love she got from her mother and the girl


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