Lone Wolf - Edwin's Journal

Lone Wolf – Day 4

The sunshine dispersed its illumination around as the new day brightens up. With birds busy chirping and gliding swiftly along the wind and the people getting ready, there was one, who was sound asleep. It was none other than me itself. I was sleeping so calm but in a totally tangled position. The breath that I inhaled was so cool, the dream that I had was so ventured. As per most mothers in the world, my mother too had a simple yet effective way to make my sleep break and that’s by switching off the fan. But maybe because of some specific day’s weather atmosphere, the day didn’t feel as hot as most days, but still, it did a little.

The radiant light shone its fierce yet gentle warm sunlight directly to my face that I got restless and turned around. I woke up in a distressed state, mumbled a little in my sleepy but sleepless state. I was yawning a lot along with heavy red eyes that the only thing that I remember afterwards is falling down in bed again. And so, my slumber strikes again. With face turned to the side, the sunlight was beaten away from my slumber. Now I can sleep as calm as I wish to. After a few times more sleep, I woke up. I was still in a daze as sleep still held on to me like a parasite clutching its sharp claws into my poor and helpless head. But no, I won’t give into it anymore, I have plans to do, place to go – or so I think. With high hopes conjured within myself, I went outside, in the hope that today will be alright for a ride across places – but still, no. The cloudy skies were still roaming around on top of us. It looked as though the blue sky was painted ash in colour. It signalled that my day was still yet to come.

“Strike two for me!” – I thought.

And so, to liven up my morning, I walked around the house a few times. My plans were failed for the second time in a row. But I never disheartened because I knew that days were still there yet to come. And so with a failed plan and dispersed thoughts, I got inside.

And so to commence the first duty of the day, I switched on my computer – opened YouTube and put on some songs with the autoplay on. Whatever genre it may be, I’ll listen, even it is Rock or Pop or Rap or electro, whatever it is, music is always a better companion for me in my every time. One song after the other, the power of music was slowly reviving my spirits back up. It was a remedy for my every mood. Whether sad or happy or energetic or bored or calm or angry, music always had a specific role, a specific flavour, and some specific lyrics to show me the way to get up and live.

I was so filled with enthusiasm that I got the urge to try making out my next new sample. Apart from writing, blogging and drawing – the next most favourite thing of mine is trying to produce music, mainly electronic type music. All these things, I do it for learning how it works on one side and on the other, for fun. I have about 10-20 song files that are still in post-production stage. I’m not an awesome mixer, but I am happy with even the little song that I come up with at last. And so, I opened FL Studio, which is mainly a music production environment and opened the last recent project that I had just created. I have so filled the urge to make it and so ideas flowed rapidly across my mind. The beat patterns, synchronising melodies with repeating hit-hats filled with the FX to make it more soothing to hear. I was on the verge of listening to the already produced sounds when I heard my mother with the sentence more heard from her mouth.

“Ohh… I have to do all the work here. Nobody helps me.”

With bored ears, I got up and said – “Tell me, I do it.”

“What? Will you make the dish today?”

“Ok, I’ll try”

“No need, I’ll do it.”

Complaining no one is helping at one time and then saying she doesn’t need any help. Well, that’s my mother!

With a lot of arguments said, I, at last, succeeded in persuading her that I’ll make that day’s dishes. And she said she will help. We were making Beef Curry.

So the first thing that I ought to do is make sure that everything is there to make it. So I took all the vegetables that I need – Big Onion, Potato, Chilly, Ginger etc. I washed it first and then cleaned it using a knife and sliced it into pieces. It was all too irregular in shape, size and texture. Well, it’s my first attempt after all.

I lit the stove and put all the sliced vegetables in a container and started stirring it all together. Everything was boiling that the onion slices and all turned to a boiled brownish colour. The soothing aroma of the vegetables blended together to form a mix of a boiled mash of flavours. Now it’s time to mix the masala and salt and oil. Now the aroma engrossed to a level that my mouth started watering. I was astonished a little that it went all ok even up to this time. I stirred and boiled it together and let it stay for a while, then again stirred and I continued on with the process till the ingredients mixed along with the vegetables.

It was an awesome experience. First time cooking along with hard electronic music with running and dancing filled with the utmost enjoyment and excitement was one of the best moments that I had myself. Seeing that I’m succeeding in accomplishing my first ever cooking was beyond belief and excitement at that precise moment.

Now it’s time to add the beef and water and stir it a little, add some spice leaves and stir until everything blends together. And at last, the dish was done and let it burn for a while as a final touch. It was a huge success, more than huge. I never ever thought of such an accomplishment and yet there I was, seeing all the smiles of my family eating it and happy that all went out fine.

Now back to my old business, music.

I sat there in front of the computer trying to produce the perfect bass for the melodic progression and was somewhat there, but not yet. I sat for some time more, but there is still a lot of work to be done, a lot of synths to be mastered, a lot of melodies to match and all. But that’s enough for now since slumber’s tight claws had cracked my skull open and got inside my head. So, Good Night for now and hope that tomorrow be the day that I ride free.

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