Sun is Shining- Edwin's Journal

Sun is Shining

The air is so thin, the sky so blue

With trees coloured in solid hue

Creatures lingering big and small

With the sun on the top of it all


The mightiest of all the might

The provider of the blazing light

Showering hope against darkness

Filling everyone’s heart with happiness


The sun never leaves his job aside

He always comes with all its pride

He is wise, the knower of everything

As it rises up, with its fiery wing


You’re like this, you’re my mighty sun

Forever you’re my truth, my only one

You showed me truth, filled me with hope

We’re together like tied with a rope


You erased my darkness with your light

Showed me what is wrong and what is right

To the world, I don’t really have to bother

Because my sun is my very own father


He is the light, my silver lining

Just like the sun, he too is shining

He’s with me, both in better or worse

Like the sun for the entire universe


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