Only you

I don’t have any reason to love you. I love you, only you.



Hold on, rather than to leave, because going after with some hope will surely let you get it, one day.

Man’s Best Friend

I have a friend, so happy and calm

She’s so lively, that she is always a fun

Life with her was always meant to be enjoyed

As the games we played, was never over


She smiles with love, and run around with cheer

The time spent with her was always dear

She misses when I go and waits for me

So to come and play, like she always liked


She’s a dear, a dear little dog, cute and fun

She’s truly the one, a man’s best friend

God’s Mistake

“Oh, why the hell did I create them?” – God came and glanced down to earth and spot humans dismantling the magnificence of Mother Nature.

God was filled with utter remorse and deep wrath thinking of the mistake he had done, to think that his greatest creation would rule the world into perfection.

He had no idea that one day earth would be filled with dirty narrow-minded people fighting for materialistic means more than emotions. He never thought that the defective piece would, at last, outgrow the genuine one.

He was up to his limits and was about to destroy human lives when he noticed the children planting trees, people taking care of the grownups, parents sacrificing their time for the betterment of their children, seeing children’s joy and laughter and knew at that precise moment that all was not completely lost.

“Oh, so there are good people among these wicked ones. Hope everything will turn out fine at last.”  With high hopes, he smiled and went.


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