Everyone was tired to the limit, exhausted actually. No one could bear to keep their eyes open. Their hands on their chin were the sole factor that made them look straight. But still, the power of sleep was growing deep within each one of them, as though it had cut open the skull and put a powerful spell on the brain. Many yawned and their eyes were filled with the tear of sleepiness. Many were engulfed by slumber. It absolutely was, more than they could ever bear.

But in the morning, everybody wasn’t like this. The energy of the new day surged deep among each one of them. Everybody felt energetic, as they felt they could do anything and everything humanly attainable. They were happy and cheering and were filled with absolute joy.

But all was simply false hope. Whatever they thought they could do, was never done. Just one class and all their energy were drained out. They felt like they couldn’t listen to anything any longer. Study leave was soon approaching the next week. Everybody was waiting for those little times that they get to skedaddle from all these classes. However, it felt sort of a long wait. Time passed slowly, slowly that even the movement of the snail could beat it that point. Everyone groaned. They were waiting thirstily for that class to end and moreover that day. And there came the big news. The news that was horrific to all students who were near to slumber, the news that shook everybody back and made them awe in despair.

“There’s going to be a special class from next week onwards.”

Prompt: Study


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