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A-Z Book Challenge

Who doesn’t love reading Books?

Books are the true essence of life scribbled on paper. They can be of any genre – Horror, Adventure, Romance, Fiction, Non-Fiction and much more. They are filled with the aroma of life that compels us to live alongside with it.

Objective: To post daily and everyone to know about books.

Rules of the challenge:

  1. There is no particular thing for you to write. You can write whatever you like – Poem, Short Story, Haiku, Review and anything else, after all, it’s based on the book that you are writing for each alphabet.
  2. Please point out the book name you are writing about.
  3. Add the tag “AZBookChallenge” in the posts for other readers to find and read.
  4. Leave a link to your post in the comments below for others to view.
  5. Create a pingback to this post by linking this post to your challenge entry post.
  6. Read and leave a feedback on other’s entries to encourage more participation.
  7. Have fun 😉

Thos who complete this challenge will get “The A-Z Bibliophile” badge.

A-Z Bibliophile

Happy writing! 🙂


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