Danborra, is the basque word for “Drum”. As all of us know, the drums are one of the main ingredients in music. The rhythmic synchronised beats are what makes each song a pleasureful experience to listen.

All of us loves music, most craves for it. It’s because it feels so connected to us that it symbolises a part of us. Music, whether vocals or mix can give us the utmost pleasure and a different experience that we comprehend, from the world. Every song has its own unique flavour that makes it wonderful and an ecstatic taste to enjoy.

In this song, the melodic ambience base filled with a synchronising plunk and a compressed piano and repeating bass guitar along with the rumbling sounds of the kicks and cymbals filled in perfect harmony is what made us love this song very much to its completion. The ambience mood filled with a very soothing beginning and the slow uprising of the guitar in support was very much intriguing for us to carry on with this project. It was so mesmerising that we decided to implement something different than we normally make.

With each drum beat fills our very soul the delight of all the work we had to put forth in making this song complete. A soulful taste to our mind and a pleasureful experience for our heart.

This song is 100% our production. Me and my friend, Akbar’s. Hope this fills delight in you as it did for us.


Visit ABE x EDRON for more of our mixes.


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