My love; he was a camouflage, so perfectly concealed inside with prickling thorns that struck outside blended along with the flowery aroma of daydreams, a radiant aura that highlighted his very self and a deep sensation of affection, delightful, yet so wicked.

I was so immensely mesmerised by him that I failed to see the bitter truth that had been revealed many times right before my very own veiled eyes, which I brushed along my shoulder, together with the harsh words that entered my ear canal about him from my dear friends.

I swallowed all the troubles that were on the verge of filling up and looked up at the stars in hope that everything will turn out fine one day, that everything will be so magical, a happily ever lived era in Wonderland.

And so, I failed in recognising his wolfish lust filled eyes peering all through myself and the black heart that vigorously always wanted to tear me down entirely and let his desires find satisfaction in me; that he was a chameleon, so vicious and disguised in numerous posh colours, changing according to the mood; sometimes so sarcastic, and yet so romantic.

But I failed to understand that all of the numerous sweet talks were nothing more than an outright lie; and so, I couldn’t find out who he actually was before he stabbed my poor fragile heart and raped my feeble body until I faded away into nothingness.



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