Fountain of Youth

Captain Sheridan was a pirate. He was a grey bearded old geezer, and the captain of the ferocious pirate ship that rules the tides of the seas.

“Land Ho!”

“Ahoy, me laddies. We are near our journey’s end to procure my loot. Raise the colours.”

The pirate flag was hoisted.  Everyone was filled with utter enthusiasm. They’ve reached the destination – the isle of the Fountain of Youth.

They drop their boat to the waters and rode off to the shores of the island. They walked through the deep vines and bushes and reached the mouth of a cavern.


They spot skeletons all over the place. Fear ascended in the crew members hearts.

“Avast ye, this cavern smell danger.” – One of the crew members said.

“Don’t fear laddies. No fear should strike ye all down. Come on.”

They all went inside the cavern and spot a tablet of rock with something written. In the tablet, it inscribes – “Take what thee desire. But desires have a high price. He that drinks from this water shall gain only to lose.”

“This is old seadog tale. Come on me laddies.”

They went on to find the most beautiful fountain ever seen by mankind. The exquisite beauty of the fountain structure with a statue of a mermaid holding a pot from which water runs down was a sight to behold. They went forth and looked into the water. The water was crystal clear, yet glazing as the sunlight beam flashing inside.

“I alone shall drink from this. No one else touches this water.”

“Aye captain”

He bent down and drank the waters and stood straight. He looked at himself and saw no change in his appearance.

“So, all this was scallywag rubbish. This is not the fountain of mystical power. Arrr… Blow this piece into smithereens.”

His crew member destroyed the fountain into pieces. The captain’s rage was filled to the level. But suddenly light shown before him and his body started changing. He has turned back to his young age. Bold and brave.

“Blimey! I’m back to me old self. Open the deck and rum for all.”

They returned back to see a devastating sight on the sea.

“Look there, sea creature on a rampage.”

“Oh, Shiver me timbers, my ship, that where me son is.”

“Look, our boat is missing too.”

They stood helpless watching as the sea monster destroyed the ship and killed everyone on it including the captain’s son.

“Oh, why did this has happened to me? Now I’m back to my youth but have sent my young lad to Davy Jones’ Locker. The black spot soon will condemn us.”

Suddenly the island began to sink into the waters. The crew members began running and screaming, but the captain kneeled in the fresh white sand and cried. He had corrupted that holy isle and so received the outcome along with the island.

Written for Weekly Writing Prompt #98


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