Through a canal, the water flows

So calm and smooth, so full of charisma

As water flows through the brown gravel

A sight so mere, but with deep allure

Don’t Colour Me, I’m Red

I’m Red, a colour as all of you know

A colour more loved and feared too

One in many, and one in rainbow

One in primary, including green and blue


You treat me as a sign, a sign of danger

But believe me, I’m the sign of more

Of determination, strength and even love

And without guts, there’s no glory


Humanity makes us all humans, and

What’s the colour that surges within you?

It’s not blue, nor orange nor green

It is red and forever it shall be


I’m not a red flower, which withered away

But another shall bloom, even if one dies

Like the rising red-blood sun, I will rise

I shall rise, for your better tomorrow


The blood inside all of us, it’s red

The colour of true love, it’s red

The sky at dawn and dusk, it’s red

Power and Passion, it too is red


He was on his way to his friend’s home. Suddenly, rain started pitter-pattering onto his face. The thought of rain started agonising his mind, yet cooling his soul.

Just then, out of nowhere, rain poured heavily that he was drenched fully in a matter of seconds. Rainwater bit him cold, that he part his scooter to the side and put on his raincoat.

He started his journey again. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, that his worn out raincoat was not enough to prevent him from getting drenched. He had to close off his helmet glass as the water was striking his face like a million gunfire shot from above. His view was cut short due to the fog that had come on his helmet’s glass and the heavy rain on the outside. He was really annoyed that he had got out that precise moment.

Just 5 minutes later, the rain had completely stopped. Everywhere it looked as though rain was finished so many hours before. He looked above and saw the clouds part ways and the sun shines from between. It was really a wonderful sight to behold.

And just then, he started laughing. Laughing, thinking of the amazing chill ride he just had. He was laughing loud as though he had just seen something comedic right before his eyes. His heart was filled with happiness to its full. He was laughing and smiling at the thought that the sky had been playing with him this entire time.

What a teaser he is, the sky.

Driving me Crazy

“Do you have a license?”

“Yes, I do”

“Take a look at your license. It must have got suspended”

“What for?”

“Because you are driving me crazy.”

God’s Creation

Even if the people “scientifically” suggest the earth was created by pieces of dust and rock pieces meshed together to form a huge mass of infinite creations and life forms. That doesn’t have to predicate that we’re God’s creation, be false.

My Friend

We all got a friend, who’s pleasin’

And is both fun and friendly

She is one of the many reason

That makes our college days plenty


She is funny and she is naughty

She even fights with me sometime

But I don’t mind nor does anybody

Because in heart, she is kind most time


She is my caring and loving friend

And so sweet and dreamily sublime

She is one of the best, I commend

That we could ever get in our life


She is kind and helps us in pain

She learns and stays with us folks

She also knows how to entertain

With her fun talk and stupid jokes


She makes our class more interesting

With the things she does until the day end

But no one can blame her for anything

For she is true, a true best friend

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