Home Sweet Home

Living so cosy, staying up so late

Pillow in a hand, held so close

Music and love, even the sleep await

A lot of stories, fun to discuss


Lot of talks and fights and play

Happiness and sorrow, together

Whatever we do, whatever we say

We’ll always be a family forever


There’s nothing so joyful, than

Being with the people who care the most

Being ourselves, do whatever we can

Eating food and making a toast


Home is not the basic building block

That surrounds you, confines you

But is a feeling of love, hard as a rock

Feeling of bliss emotion, one so true


This place might not be the best place given

Compared to Paris or the US or Rome

But for me, this place is truly like heaven

Cause this is my home sweet home

Written for This Week’s Challenges (OWPC & WW)


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