Real Strength

One day, Adam was watching Superman movie. He is an 8-year old boy full of vigorous charisma and cheerful mentality that makes people more soothing to approach and even have an exciting time with him. Days were crammed with absolute amusement with him.

His father was crossing in front of him when he asked for him to come back and take a seat next to him. His father took the chair from the opposite side and placed it next to his son.

“Dad, can I ask you something?”

“Yes, son”

“How did Superman conjure such supernatural strength?”

His father, a kind and a caring father, didn’t wish to spoil the fun for his kid by revealing that Superman is just a fictional character and so he answered.

“Superman was born with such strength. That’s why he has such a mighty potential.”

“Is it possible to attain such strength afterwards? Like we’re not born with it, but later we have the possibility to attain it?”

“I don’t know son. Why’d you ask?”

“I was just wondering whether there is a chance for me to become as strong as Superman one day. Is it possible dad?”

His father felt dumbstruck. He felt bound by his son’s request. His mind felt impassive. He failed in having a single suggestion to acknowledge his son. The whole truth in his mind steered the concept that such superhuman strength will never be attained even though we tend to train our whole lives. It is all just simply movie logic. Nothing is ever practicable in the real world.

But seeing those pleading eyes of his son, he wasn’t able to say the bitter truth to his son, who, along with his young age and mild playful heart, is waiting eagerly for the answer. Suddenly he remembered one thing and made up his mind what to mention to his little boy.

“Son, it’s not possible to attain such strength in our lifetime.”


His son felt down by his father’s reply.

“But, it is possible to attain a strength which will surpass each other strength.”

“What is it, dad?”

His son was quite eager to know. His face lit up just like the full moon radiating the ever glazing glimmer over everything.

“The strength within yourself”

“How am I able to attain such strength dad?”

“It might sound simple, however, there’s plenty of work done for that.”

“Can you offer me some pointers for that dad?”

“Well, as a matter of truth, I can’t teach you that. You have got to earn the real knowledge yourself. But sure, I’ll provide you with some pointers.”

“Wow really, dad”

“Yeah, the first and foremost factor that you just got to do is to believe in yourself. Regardless of what everybody keeps saying, never ever lose the trust in yourself. Everybody will keep saying worse things behind your back, several might tease you, make fun of you, they may additionally keep saying don’t and can’t and won’t and all. They may be all negative towards you. Believe me, the world is packed with people that might some assist you, whereas all the other simply wish to see you crumble all the way down to your doom.”

“So what should I do dad?”

“Never believe what people say concerning you. The truth lies in what you think of yourself. Don’t ever mind people’s word. They may contain truth and lies equally mixed together. If you happen to listen to somebody saying things concerning you, simply brush those words off your shoulder and believe that you’re capable of doing anything that you just put your mind into. If you believe in your own strength, then, sure enough, you’ll be capable of achieving great heights. It’s true that you just might end up in failures. But, as it is said, it’s these failures that push a man to success. When you fail, rise up. You may fail again if so, rise up again. And one day, you’ll see yourself standing on the very top that you always wished to attain. And on that top, you can keep your head held up high for all the critics to see and say that you believe in yourself. Your strength lies in your heart. There’s nothing more powerful than that.”

His son with eager enthusiasm began to show stances of Superman.

“I’m going to be a superhero dad, just like you said.”

His father smiled a little, seeing his little boy.


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