Dead Man’s Tale

I saw him lying and sleeping still

Inside his coffin, pale and dead

While others are fighting for his will

To find out the successor as it’s said


Nobody, I mean, nobody is paying attention

To the person who is dead in the coffin

They only need to know what it mention

And find who stays and who are walkin’


Why are people acting like this?

Trying to win with their selfish desires

And be greedy and also amiss!

And be burnt in their own quenchless fires


Nobody is going to live here forever

We’re all meant to die one way or another

So try spending your life together

With your siblings, father and mother


We are all going to rot to nothingness

Or be burned and turned to ashes

So try getting rid of all the darkness

And let your good time reappear in flashes


Those who died have taught you a lesson

That a pile of cash will not buy you happiness

Only the sacrifice they made and their blessin’

Can lead you straight, when you’re in a mess


So it is good not to fight but to prevail

In loving him and her and everybody else

Cause this is not just a dead man’s tale

And let love triumph and money melts

Written for Photo Challenge #179

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