EdwinLife, with its ups and downs, right and wrong is a capsule of memories and occurrences that shaped each and every one of us through the trail of time and space. In every path, that one take at each moment defines how a person he/she shall become, defines who and what he/she is, defines the truth. The universal truth. The truth, that we are, who we actually are.

The truth that our own unnoticed “name” has an enormous role in this entire universe.

A name, just mere syllables put together for everyone else to differentiate us from themselves. A name that everyone calls in happiness, sorrow, anger, pain or love. A name that our parents gave with all their love, with God smiling from above knowing that we, the bearer of this name shall rise to his expectations. That he/she will rise to the top of the world.

And this is my name, Edwin. This is my identity. The name that explains who I am.

And this is my Journal. The platform for my life to be written in ink or in any computerised font, for my imaginations to be let out into the world, for my pain to be spoken, for my happiness to be embraced, for my love to be cherished.

And so I write, to record myself so that the world will one day know, who I actually am. And to befriend them all, because everyone in this world is friends in the making, as every one of us is one big family.

“Recording Soulful Bliss of Utter Imagination”

Edwin’s Journal is my personal writing blog. My name is Edwin Ronald Lambert. I am 20 years old. I am a college student. I live in Aluva, Kerala in India. This blog features all the written work that I’ve done. All my poems, stories and articles will be published here.

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