‘Man’ and ‘Woman’, the two entities so beautifully carved by God. They have obtained his own image and are considered his greatest creation ever. But still, there are some underlined as ‘Others’ in the gender column, condemned as ‘alien bodies’ among these beautiful sculptures created by God, treated as God’s mistake in creation that people seem unfit to treat them as one of their own. … Continue reading Transgenders

The Secret of Nature

We live on the most beautiful planet, Earth, with its immense natural resources.   Nature is our best friend and a most precious and valuable gift given by God Almighty to us to enjoy and not to destroy.  Nature is most beautiful and provides us with a healthy environment to live.   It provides us with beautiful flowers, animals and birds, green plants, blue sky, rivers, sea, … Continue reading The Secret of Nature


JUSTICE? ISN’T THAT A JOKE? When money and power control the whole world, there comes a question where justice is given to all fairly or whether justice is just a figment of the local people’s imagination. “Justice, a term once powerful, now juggled between the powerful.” In a world, which is mainly governed by democracy, “social equality” is still a question. The phrase “government of … Continue reading Justice?

A Tribute to Linkin Park - Edwin's Journal

A Tribute to Linkin Park

Linkin Park, a name most recognisable in the music industry. And for those who don’t know about them, they were officially formed in 1996 and are one of the best rock bands ever existed. Along with Chester Bennington‘s voice and Mike Shinoda’s rapping mixed with the flavours of many instruments such as the lead guitar from Brad Delson, Bass from Dave “Phoenix” Farrell, Drums and … Continue reading A Tribute to Linkin Park

Why are we, So like this? - Edwin's Journal

Why are we, So like this?

Have you ever thought that you are better than someone? Have you ever thought that you are special? Well, of course you are special. But don’t boast about it, because you’re special, but not perfect. In fact, nobody in this world is perfect. There is not even a single person in this world that can be regarded as a perfect one. That includes ME too. … Continue reading Why are we, So like this?