Lone Wolf – Day 5

A new day broke out once again. The light strokes that were emitted from the sun had touched the surface of the earth. The coolness of the night had finally met its end. The rainwater from last night’s rain fell from the leaves to the very soil. The early dawn free radical light sources were so smooth and so relaxing that it filled energy wherever it touched. All around, the signs of life energy surged everywhere. Everything was reawakening once again.

A missed call from the mobile customer care number had broken my relaxing slumber into a total distraught. It was actually a curse for all those people who have a mobile with them and a boon for people who have no one else to call them often. It’s like customer care is actually beneficial and a trouble at the same time.

So a new day begins in my troublesome life. I always had plans for the day, yet nothing seems to be working that time. I only have some hopes left, whether I could go somewhere and be along with nature, procuring the deep smell and sensation and the calm nature I get in my heart.

Since I the weather condition was good and my hopes at high, I was already prepared for going out for a ride. Since I can’t get the scooter for the job, I have to take my old cycle for the run. Since I had many time that day, I watched TV for the passing hour. At last, I thought of embarking on the journey and also give my cycle a test drive so as to check if it is in a perfect condition. I checked it one last time and took off.

Riding the bicycle after a very long time had really shown me the difference. I was able to ride it. There was no problem in riding it. But after riding my mother’s scooter all, this time, riding my bicycle makes me think that I am riding something really tiny. And also it made me feel I was so high from the ground. After riding a few ways, I found that the air in the tires was not sufficient and that was really a problem. It became really hard to ride and since the brakes on the cycle were nearly finished, even if I pull the brakes, it will ride a few ways before stopping. For a test drive, I thought of taking a path that I know, through the fields. It was good riding through the road seeing all the greenery of the grass, the cows and buffalos, all the birds and also the children playing far away and the vehicles coming across and behind me. It was a straight way, so I had no problem in going through. I stopped at some places and took photos.

After crossing the fields, I took a left turn. I know that this will lead to a place called Kunnatheri and finally my place, Manakkapady. At first, riding was simple. The average air in my tire was not a problem at all. After a few ways came to the problem, an up slope. I had to give all my strength to ride it. The up slope was a long way and I had to ride, giving all my energy to it. I found that having less air is now really a problem. I somehow rode to the top and went ahead. After some time, came another. Again, I had to ride giving as much energy that I got. After that, it was a straight road ahead. Then again I turned left and then again was the next upslope. I cursed that moment; I wondered whether this will end. I was breathing heavily then. I was taking as much air that I could at that time. I was breathing really heavily that my hands and legs were in pain all the time. But I didn’t get off the bicycle and think of walking with the cycle. I want to get to the top. Even if I fail in getting there, I will try my best. I was about to reach the top, then the pain increased suddenly like it doesn’t want me to reach there. But I got to the top and then finally reached Kunnatheri. Then went again left and after a few ways from there it was a long downslope and a small upslope, all that time riding all the up slope had made me tired and so riding even this small upslope was really hard for me, but I did and finally reached back home.

After getting back home, I was panting all the way. My head was twisting and felt a little nauseous. My body was all wet from sweat. I can’t walk or stand still. My legs were all feeling numb. It was a total blackout for me. It was like coming inside after looking at the sun for a long time. I couldn’t see anything. All the time, I could only see some blackish colour in front of my eyes. After reaching home came the next problem. The current was gone. I was burning like a fire, breathing heavily and at last, even the electricity had abandoned me. I was feeling so hot and numb that I fell to the bed and lay there for some time. After some time, the current came and a breeze of air touched my body. I was relieved at that time. Oh, the coolness and satisfaction that I got were beyond words at that time.

My mother was watching me with smiles on her face. She knows the trouble that I took and said –

“You can take my scooter from tomorrow onwards.”

Those words filled happiness in my soul to the limit and joy in my heart. She smiled and went off to her work. I looked upwards and wondered what the next day would bring and I know something special is waiting and I dozed off.

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Lone Wolf – Day 4

The sunshine dispersed its illumination around as the new day brightens up. With birds busy chirping and gliding swiftly along the wind and the people getting ready, there was one, who was sound asleep. It was none other than me itself. I was sleeping so calm but in a totally tangled position. The breath that I inhaled was so cool, the dream that I had was so ventured. As per most mothers in the world, my mother too had a simple yet effective way to make my sleep break and that’s by switching off the fan. But maybe because of some specific day’s weather atmosphere, the day didn’t feel as hot as most days, but still, it did a little.

The radiant light shone its fierce yet gentle warm sunlight directly to my face that I got restless and turned around. I woke up in a distressed state, mumbled a little in my sleepy but sleepless state. I was yawning a lot along with heavy red eyes that the only thing that I remember afterwards is falling down in bed again. And so, my slumber strikes again. With face turned to the side, the sunlight was beaten away from my slumber. Now I can sleep as calm as I wish to. After a few times more sleep, I woke up. I was still in a daze as sleep still held on to me like a parasite clutching its sharp claws into my poor and helpless head. But no, I won’t give into it anymore, I have plans to do, place to go – or so I think. With high hopes conjured within myself, I went outside, in the hope that today will be alright for a ride across places – but still, no. The cloudy skies were still roaming around on top of us. It looked as though the blue sky was painted ash in colour. It signalled that my day was still yet to come.

“Strike two for me!” – I thought.

And so, to liven up my morning, I walked around the house a few times. My plans were failed for the second time in a row. But I never disheartened because I knew that days were still there yet to come. And so with a failed plan and dispersed thoughts, I got inside.

And so to commence the first duty of the day, I switched on my computer – opened YouTube and put on some songs with the auto play on. Whatever genre it may be, I’ll listen, even it is Rock or Pop or Rap or electro, whatever it is, music is always a better companion for me in my every time. One song after the other, the power of music was slowly reviving my spirits back up. It was a remedy for my every mood. Whether sad or happy or energetic or bored or calm or angry, music always had a specific role, a specific flavour, and some specific lyrics to show me the way to get up and live.

I was so filled with enthusiasm that I got the urge to try making out my next new sample. Apart from writing, blogging and drawing – the next most favourite thing of mine is trying to produce music, mainly electronic type music. All these things, I do it for learning how it works on one side and on the other, for fun. I have about 10-20 song files that are still in post-production stage. I’m not an awesome mixer, but I am happy with even the little song that I come up with at last. And so, I opened FL Studio, which is mainly a music production environment and opened the last recent project that I had just created. I was so filled the urge to make it and so ideas flowed rapidly across my mind. The beat patterns, synchronising melodies with repeating hit-hats filled with the FX to make it more soothing to hear. I was on the verge of listening to the already produced sounds when I heard my mother with the sentence more heard from her mouth.

“Ohh… I have to do all the work here. Nobody helps me.”

With bored ears, I got up and said – “Tell me, I do it.”

“What? Will you make the dish today?”

“Ok, I’ll try”

“No need, I’ll do it.”

Complaining no one is helping at one time and then saying she doesn’t need any help. Well, that’s my mother!

With a lot of arguments said, I, at last, succeeded in persuading her that I’ll make that day’s dishes. And she said she will help. We were making Beef Curry.

So the first thing that I ought to do is make sure that everything is there to make it. So I took all the vegetables that I need – Big Onion, Potato, Chilly, Ginger etc. I washed it first and then cleaned it using a knife and sliced it into pieces. It was all too irregular in shape, size and texture. Well, it’s my first attempt after all.

I lit the stove and put all the sliced vegetables in a container and started stirring it all together. Everything was boiling that the onion slices and all turned to a boiled brownish colour. The soothing aroma of the vegetables blended together to form a mix of boiled mash of flavours. Now it’s time to mix the masala and salt and oil. Now the aroma engrossed to a level that my mouth started watering. I was astonished a little that it went all ok even up to this time. I stirred and boiled it together and let it stay for a while, then again stirred and I continued on with the process till the ingredients mixed along with the vegetables.

It was an awesome experience. First time cooking along with hard electronic music with running and dancing filled with the utmost enjoyment and excitement was one of the best moments that I had myself. Seeing that I’m succeeding in accomplishing my first ever cooking was beyond belief and excitement at that precise moment.

Now it’s time to add the beef and water and stir it a little, add some spice leaves and stir till everything blends together. And at last, the dish was done and let it burn for a while as a final touch. It was a huge success, more than huge. I never ever thought of such an accomplishment and yet there I was, seeing all the smiles of my family eating it and happy that all went out fine.

Now back to my old business, music.

I sat there in front of the computer trying to produce the perfect bass for the melodic progression and was somewhat there, but not yet. I sat for some time more, but there is still a lot of work to be done, a lot of synths to be mastered, a lot of melodies to match and all. But that’s enough for now since slumber’s tight claws had cracked my skull open and got inside my head. So, Good Night for now and hope that tomorrow be the day that I ride free.

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Lone Wolf – Day 3

And the next day arose; with a vague slumbering sheepish smile that transpired in my tousled face. Wet was that day, as the rain had been pouring heavily last night. The chill atmosphere in conjunction with the dramatic dark surroundings made me fall in the hands of slumber once again. It was all so sudden that it was as though it all happened in a blink of an eye and so there I lay, slept again.

Sleep, a mystery to all, powerful and mighty. Sleep took a toll on me because it had wasted 5 more hours of my morning to nothing but stillness stuffed body without knowing as time slowly tick-tocked away. Chill had bitten my body as a cool and soothing sensation filled with the nice and cosy touch of my blanket. The combination of cold and warm was enough to make my sleep a more ravishing one. However heavy eyes too had their time, and somehow I slowly opened my eyes. 12.25 PM.

“Oh, damn, I’ve slept too much.”

Well, sort of, I used to sleep over twelve hours every day, which isn’t enough for a lazy guy like me and although I may sleep for an entire day, that day I jumped up in remembrance that I planned to start out something old, freshened up to new from that day onwards.

But vacation had taken a penalty on me as boredom was striking hard. I started finding hard to pass out a day, now that I had stopped getting online in Social Medias too much. It now looked like the sole factor that I do most is getting online because now that I’m free to do anything that I would like, there isn’t any single thing that comes to my mind to be done. It was as though Social Medias made my day pass away.

“What to do?” – I puzzled

There were a million possibilities within the real world. However, nothing seemed to come in reality that precise moment. I sat there on the side of the sofa thinking. (Yeah, I sleep on a sofa because it’s more fluffy and soft.) I glanced outside through the front door. The wet climate still encircled the atmosphere. Chillness filled me with a cool sensation in my body. I got up and went to the door and looked outside.

“Yeah, no hope”

Dark big clouds had already surrounded our region warning all those beneath it that it will pour as it wishes. A cool breeze was making all the leaves flutter showing their happiness for the breeze. But, I too had a little gratitude to this weather for one simple reason. After a long period of scorching hot, this simple cold weather was what I and everyone else had been waiting for all this time. That was a simple day, with no more hot, no more cold, just medium – a perfect and subtle weather indeed. Perfect for cosying inside and sleep. But I had planned to explore the outside world as much as I can from that day onwards. I think that must wait for now. As it’s said – It’s better to be late than never. So I’ll go when the weather’s all suitable for a good day trip. But for now, what will I do? Wondering thoughts mumbled inside.

So today too, it’s home day. Got to find something that won’t turn today into a total disaster.

“Yeah, why not draw some pictures”

A simple idea of mine, but it was enough to fast forward that day’s time.

Believe it or not! I was (not) a brilliant artist back in the old days and my primary drawing was none other than Pokémon. Yep, I was a huge fan of anime from long back. Even now too, I am a huge fan of anime and forever will be. Pokémon was my favourite from childhood onwards and I think I have seen almost all episodes of it, even the new ones and continue to do so. (I may be growing old in body, but still a child in the heart.) I even try to draw during watching episodes and it ends becoming the funniest version that it could possibly be, but still, I was proud to have drawn that much at least. The other sketches that I had were nature based, that I draw looking at painting books, photographs and all. As I said, I’m (not) a brilliant artist. I attempt and feel satisfaction with the result that I get eventually. It would not be the best one there is, but for me, that attempt encompasses a great impact on my happiness.

And so, I took my artistic tool (a pencil, scale and an eraser) and a few A4-sized papers. I searched the web for a few better looking, however simple drawings that I can draw for the instant. I, at last, found out one and decided to draw my first and foremost drawing that I had. It was a drawing of a flower with a sort of graffiti around it. It looked delightfully astonishing for me that time and so I took the sheet of paper and put my pencil forth and drew the curve of the petal.

“Oh! Damn”

The curve was done incorrectly. It was just a little misconception in my drawing, nothing much. Maybe it’s because I was so rusted in my artistic skills for now since I had not drawn for a long time. Eraser came to the rescue, rubbing it all away. Now once again, I drew it lightly and closely examined it. It was somewhat ok and so I continued. I continued to draw and erase as that’s what a (not so) professional artist like me would do. And I continued on it until I had completed the outline sketch full. Now it’s time to shade it and finish it. Success! There was still time to pass and so I looked for the next one. I came across a doodle art and was fascinated by it and so I took another sheet and attempted to draw it next. The tiny animals and all the cupcakes were so cute that it absolutely was irresistible to stop drawing. And eventually, the next success had occurred with the completion of that doodle art. There was still time, thus back to my old business – Pokémon. I looked for something to draw and eventually rested my search in my favourite Pokémon – Pikachu. I downloaded the image and drew looking it. It was going alright in the beginning, however, seemed to be a little disaster in the end, not so much, however still a good drawing for me. Pika Pika Pikachu…!

After that, in the evening I was getting sleepy once more that I went to bed and fell asleep. I was somewhat tired and now on, I can sleep as much as I want. I woke up at about 9 PM and went to take a bath. On coming back, I got online for a short time and messaged my friends. I was in the process of writing a chapter of a story at the time. I even made Isha stupid with the story I gave. I had edited a little part and added her part as a cameo in it for fun. I think she was angry at the time. I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. Every time I think about it, smiles come on my face. Now it’s time to part again and to sleep for both of us. So it’s Good Night for today.

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Lone Wolf – Day 2

Today started rather like every other day in my life, a call from my mother asking me to wake up. It was about 8.15 AM when she called me. She woke me up and asked whether I’m going to college or not. I remembered that I actually have special class today. I got up, did my daily routine and went to college. Whatever I actually have to do, I’ll never leave a single day at college. I would even cut classes, however only after I go to college. The atmosphere of my college offers me a lot of pleasure than staying at home. Talking with friends, learning, walking around through the grounds and everything composes the beauty of the college. My college had created an enormous impact on me. Even when I have no class, I go to my college, sometimes alone. The time spent in my college gives me the opportunity to think about anything and also about anybody.

I went to college and saw my friends’ busy writing an assignment. Even I also have to write it, and so I bought my friend’s assignment and copied it fully. Not only had I, everyone else also copied it. Then our teacher came and started his class. Well, every one of you knows what happens inside a classroom. Listening, writing, boredom, sleeping, talking, making fun of others, talking about other matters, and so on. Our teacher only took the class up to afternoon. He stopped at our request and we told him that he could take the rest of the portion tomorrow.

Today was a regular day as always at college. What more regular can it get? So I had nothing else to do, I had finished up my assignment before even the class began. So I went to speak with my best friend, Isha. I like talking to her and I continually go to talk to her every time I get. She had finished up her assignment too. We were talking concerning everything. Current details, friends, and all other things. It’s very fun talking to her because she will prolong talking about things and it’s very fun listening to her. She won’t even give time for me to speak. She is sort of a human radio; I would hear to what she says, however, can’t tell her anything back. When I’m about to tell her something, she continues on along with her talking. I won’t blame her. It’s fun listening to her and that I love listening to her voice.

And then she asked the question. She asked me why I actually have gone offline all of a sudden and left all of them. I told her, I’ll tell her after a couple of days. But she wants to know. She repeatedly asked me what it is. So I had no other choice than to tell her what this is all about. I told her about the challenge, the trip and to know who all actually care for me. She said ok, and we continued with our talking. Seeing us, some of my friends teased us. It doesn’t matter because I don’t have any problem, neither does she. We just take it as a joke, nothing more. So even if most of my friends tease and make fun of us, we don’t take notice and continue with our talking. Then, we went to hear stories of my friends, their love affairs, fun time and such. After that, we all went home. At the bus stand, I met with an old friend of mine, Emma. She was on her way back to home from college. We talked for some time. It was good, meeting with old friends. It makes me feel that I am still befriended by everyone.

On my way back home, I got a call from my friend Robert, asking to upload our music video to YouTube and share the details and cover art to our Facebook page. I told him that I can’t. I told him that my parents had told me not to use the internet until my exams are over. I didn’t tell him about my challenge. But he didn’t accept that, he told me to do it somehow. I had no other choice rather than to drop my challenge and get online. I called Isha and told her of this. She made fun of me and we laughed. She was busy and said she’ll come later. I got online and talked to all my friends that I talk to every day. I searched through my profile and also talked to most people online. Then came Isha with her daily routine, asking for any writing; mainly a poem. I wasn’t able to get rid of her request, and so, I wrote her one. And so we continued our talk online. Now that I have got online apart from my wish, I have to shorten it down. I have to go offline more time and explore the wonders of nature, wherever and whenever I possibly can. I hope I get at least that done. Good night.

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Lone Wolf – Day 1

A new day begins. Since I’m not living in a big town, there’s no real noise out here. Here there’s solely a little sound of traffic and a little sound of people. I was having a good dream; that I don’t remember currently when my mom came calling me. She came and woke me up – “Wake Up. It’s enough that you just slept like a buffalo.” My sleep was gone thanks to my mother. I checked out the clock, it was simply 8.55 AM. y father was putting up sheets out in the front, therefore I got no other choice instead of to get up and help him. After finishing the work and having breakfast, I wondered what I’m going to do these days. Even if this day marks the beginning of my lone days, it simply feels like a regular day, nothing abundant. I wondered all the things that I may do. However no hope, I couldn’t find something that might have satisfied me at the moment.

So I had no alternative choice, instead of to work. I cleaned and ordered my shelf first. I took out my old books and old things out. Old books do contain many memories. All the scribbling that I had done in class, all the things that I wrote in my books, all the pictures that I drew when I was bored in class was all just a memory now. I took out many books, mainly old notebooks and some textbooks. I also had some collection of hand bands. I tried it on and it was really tight. I wondered how fast I grew. Time does fly when you are enjoying life. After finishing up my shelf, I went to bath. I saw my clothes and thought of washing it. After all, I had no other things to do. It’s better to do some work, rather than walking around here and there. My mother was so happy seeing it.

I thought of some other things that I could do but cannot find one. So I thought of going out to somewhere, finding new roads and new places. But I could not use my mother’s scooter because she won’t give me money for petrol. Then I remembered my old bicycle, which was there on the backside of my house. I had not used my bicycle, ever since I got the scooter to ride, which may be like approximately around 1 year. So now it is like clearing the dust of the memory and again start riding as free as the air. At old times, I used to go everywhere with my bicycle. Since it doesn’t need any lubricant to run, I will go as far as I like. It absolutely was extremely fun back those days. Riding and racing with friends, the hardships to ride in an up-slope road and also the easiness in riding the down-slope road, attempting out stunts whereas riding and making an attempt to win with other vehicles; mainly a car or a motorbike. Riding with friends is one memory that each one of us ought to have.

At evening, I asked my parents whether or not I could prolong a long distance trip with my bicycle. They were reluctant initially, however eventually said alright; however, I do know that it’s not really by heart. They’re extremely frightened whether or not something would happen to me. However, life is as it is. It will come at one time and precede the other. I am also frightened a little about that trip. I don’t even assume I can create a visit that long. I typically feel that I can whereas, on another time, I feel I can’t. I feel that way as a result of I don’t know what to do if something happens to my bicycle within the middle of the road. For example, my cycle tire caught punctured, which will result in an enormous problem. After going an extended distance, it is impossible to return back.

I searched the internet to search for nearby tourist locations in Ernakulam district. I am not planning to leave any further. This is enough already. I may or may not make this trip. I stopped thinking about it and to cool down, I saw a film. Since I have nothing else to do today, I think it’s time to call this a night. I was about to sleep early when Josh, a friend at my college called me. I was so happy. He is attending an NCC camp and called from there. I was so happy because he is the first person to call me after I decided not to go online. He told me the details of his camp and also told me to tell that he asked about everyone else. I told him yes. He said he had to go and will call again when he can. After that, I felt that I am still wanted by some people. Even when I’m not online, I may be missed. That is enough for me now, time to sleep now, so Good Night.

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Lone Wolf


It’s approximately 12 AM on 04 April. The time, that I had put up my mind to begin this challenge. This is often not only just a challenge, however, to understand several things and to seek out whether or not I might keep my mind on something. There are numerous things that I had to depart after I started getting online. I would like to understand whether or not I might get that all back. I not solely need to know, I want to.

So let’s begin with the things that I attained and those that I missed. Let’s begin with those things that I attained. I got plenty of information concerning computer. I learned several things, most were started simply to check what it is. It absolutely was fun actually; obtaining new information, finding several things and such. Then started the era of using Facebook. I started it because I have heard plenty about it. I even have heard people asking others whether or not they are using Facebook or not. I got numerous friends and it additionally allowed me to speak whenever I’m not with them. However, I never thought that I might get very hooked into it. A time without using online social networks was on a daily basis packed with irritation. Using social networks was really good; however, it made me loose so many things that were precious once.

The factor that I lost the foremost is to speak face to face. I have always seen that whenever I’m talking online, I will speak freely. I can say anything. I will tease; make fun, fight in words. Whenever I’m talking face to face, I even have a fear of saying something. Its sort of a burden has fallen at that time on my shoulders. I forever felt whether or not I ought to say this or that or try this or that. I make up plenty of questions once speaking face to face which makes me talk less face to face. The next factor I lost is that the time outside and playing. Ever since I started using a computer or the social networks, I even have lost the wish to play outside. Every time that I reside home has made me lazier to travel outside. All the time that I played with my friends is now just a memory that resides in my mind. All the time that I have played, climbed trees with friends whenever free, fighting for our turn to bat in cricket, scoring a goal in soccer, cheering for our brother’s game, cycling around are all just a few memories, simply the past to look for.

Every time I stayed with my computer, I even have lost my touch with society, with family and additionally generally with friends. This created me lazy to the items that I even have done before. It’s like coming back home solely to use my computer. Simply get online and scroll up and down. Every time that I pay online is nothing compared to talking and having fun with friends face to face.

Talking online to others isn’t the way to speak. We must always talk to one another by seeing one another. Otherwise, it’s sort of a robot is talking to another. No one will see the real emotions that the person has. Perhaps the person is crying and talking fun. However, can you recognise if you’re not close to him? Talking online isn’t any sharing of happiness, sorrow or love. It’s simply a medium to speak. There aren’t any real emotions or whatever. Talking online to every other is nothing. What’s the fun in that?

The real fun is outside like I understood. Life is something that you just realise once you go out of your house. It’s a journey that each one of us ought to taste. Staying home and getting online isn’t what life is. There’s plenty more than that. A single walk outside will provide us with a lot of happiness than staying lazy and doing nothing at home. It’s time to seek out fun, even for just a few days. It’s time to relish life whereas I still can. No one is aware of however long one can live. Therefore I even have to live and enjoy as I can. It’s better to be alone rather than depend on others. I’m currently making an attempt to be alone and enjoy life as a lone wolf.

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