Love of the Nation’s Father

People have a cruel state of mind

Love for being, engulfed by hate

Truth bestowed, but everyone turned blind

To the factual truth, a human’s fate


Slaughter the people, cause slaves they are

Living a life, damned down to hell

They’re mere people to be killed in war

Burned in houses, thrown down in well


Indians they are, the weakest of the weak

They’re not a threat, but mere play toys

They will listen to whatever we speak

Even to get rid of their girls and boys


But Indians came forward, darkness turned to light

To fight for what’s theirs, the soul of the land

Arms at hand, between people in khaki and white

But led to bloodshed, a savouring taste so bland


But one person came forward, Gandhi is his name

Rebellious from violence, Peace was his path

He never wanted money, nor power nor fame

But to save his motherland, from clutches of bloodbath


He knew peace was the option, not violence, nor arm

Cause fights can be won, by the peacefulness of the heart

At last, the war ended, mind and soul so warm

Because love unites the nation, hate tears them apart


Footsteps in Sand

Today, I was walking through

The sands of the beach

Seeing the sea so much blue

The people with hands to each


I see the laughter and all the joy

Of both the young, the old, as I go

Everyone there has a mind to employ

That is more childish than you know


As I walked along, without an aim

I saw so many footsteps in reach

Of all those people who came

Before me, who came to the beach


There were so many paces

That lay in front of me

As a mark of the people at places

Who came to enjoy the sea


But all those steps that I saw

Was washed away by the sea, despair

Like the world don’t want to awe

For us to be around here or there


I looked back to see my steps clatter

But found that, mine too was bare

Washed away by the sea water

Like I had never come anywhere there


It makes me realize and believe

Whatever we are or do

We’ll all are meant to leave

This world to the next too


We only have one life to go by

So live as you can and forgive

Live, love, have fun and fly

Cause your life is yours to live


Live your life so that and make your stand

Everyone will remember your love

Rather than be a footstep in the sand

And vanish as the waters flow above

Dead Man’s Tale

I saw him lying and sleeping still

Inside his coffin, pale and dead

While others are fighting for his will

To find out the successor as it’s said


Nobody, I mean, nobody is paying attention

To the person who is dead in the coffin

They only need to know what it mention

And find who stays and who are walkin’


Why are people acting like this?

Trying to win with their selfish desires

And be greedy and also amiss!

And be burnt in their own quenchless fires


Nobody is going to live here forever

We’re all meant to die one way or another

So try spending your life together

With your siblings, father and mother


We are all going to rot to nothingness

Or be burned and turned to ashes

So try getting rid of all the darkness

And let your good time reappear in flashes


Those who died have taught you a lesson

That a pile of cash will not buy you happiness

Only the sacrifice they made and their blessin’

Can lead you straight, when you’re in a mess


So it is good not to fight but to prevail

In loving him and her and everybody else

Cause this is not just a dead man’s tale

And let love triumph and money melts

Written for Photo Challenge #179

Sunshine and Raindrops

It’s just so beautiful around here

With everything all around me

Being so beautiful and nice

As it always meant to be


The leaves some falling

And all the flowers unfurled

With all the birds and animals

Of this whole wide world


The white smokey clouds

Passing on fast and slow

With falling sunshine and raindrops

And also sometimes with snow


What a sight it was

To see the bright sunshine

Coming in between

The raindrop sometime


It is happy to see

The radiant glow of the sun

Coming along with

These raindrops as one


Sunshine and raindrops,

Please be with me forever

Cause you give me more joy

When you both come together

Life Worth Living

My life is still dancing

With a starlight glaze

As though the big red sun

Will rise up ablaze


But my family is more important

Than anything in my life

My dad is a good husband

And my mom is a loving wife


And I got a big brother also

Who is funny and also loving

We love, enjoy and sometimes fight

But he also helps me with everything


My life is just incomplete

Without all my friends

Because they never leave me

Even until the world ends


And one-third of my life

I give to you, my love

Cause you are the best gift

That God gave me from above


My life comprises of these three

And makes it happy and interesting

And these three are the things

That makes my life worth living

Life Goes On

All of us know,

That whatever we do

Or wherever we go

We’ll always come through


Our life is merely

A crossroad to take

And it should be clearly

Our destiny to make


No one knows

What he or she may become

So try to be among those

Who is all love, and not dumb.


We may grow older

And may sit, except do run.

And may need the help of a shoulder

And wish for some fun.


Our life is our life

And our life will go on

Until something strikes like a knife

And we leave and be gone.


When I closed my eyes

I was flown away

To another place

That was really far away


I wondered where I am

Or what I’m doing here

I went on ahead

Walking here and there


I didn’t know

How to get back

Just then I heard voices

Somewhere behind my back


I saw some creatures

And I was at fright

I didn’t know what to do

Whether to run or fight


Those creatures were really deadly

With bared teeth and claws

So I ran beside than to fight

So as to create no flaws


I ran, ran and still ran

But the creatures followed me too

I was sure to die

Cause death is following me too


Just then I hit something hard

And on the ground I was

Oh God! I was back at my house

And what a nightmare it was

My Friend

We all got a friend, who’s pleasin’

And is both fun and friendly

She is one of the many reason

That makes our college days plenty


She is funny and she is naughty

She even fights with me sometime

But I don’t mind nor does anybody

Because in heart, she is kind most time


She is my caring and loving friend

And so sweet and dreamily sublime

She is one of the best, I commend

That we could ever get in our life


She is kind and helps us in pain

She learns and stays with us folks

She also knows how to entertain

With her fun talk and stupid jokes


She makes our class more interesting

With the things she does until the day end

But no one can blame her for anything

For she is true, a true best friend

Sun Sets Forever

What if the sun never rise

To give us its radiant glow

Will we go to a time

When the days, will never flow?


But don’t worry for that

Cause the stars; your ancestors will guide you

And the moon with its infinite soul

Will shine its moonlight for you


But have we got to live

In a cold and dark day

Like a hope being destroyed

And the happiness is far away


Nothing is the same without

The sun with us together

So let’s hope the sun

Will never set forever

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