My Friend

We all got a friend, who’s pleasin’

And is both fun and friendly

She is one of the many reason

That makes our college days plenty


She is funny and she is naughty

She even fights with me sometime

But I don’t mind nor does anybody

Because in heart, she is kind most time


She is my caring and loving friend

And so sweet and dreamily sublime

She is one of the best, I commend

That we could ever get in our life


She is kind and helps us in pain

She learns and stays with us folks

She also knows how to entertain

With her fun talk and stupid jokes


She makes our class more interesting

With the things she does until the day end

But no one can blame her for anything

For she is true, a true best friend

Sun Sets Forever

What if the sun never rise

To give us its radiant glow

Will we go to a time

When the days, will never flow?


But don’t worry for that

Cause the stars; your ancestors will guide you

And the moon with its infinite soul

Will shine its moonlight for you


But have we got to live

In a cold and dark day

Like a hope being destroyed

And the happiness is far away


Nothing is the same without

The sun with us together

So let’s hope the sun

Will never set forever

Digitalized World

Today we are living

In a digitalized world

Cause technology has conquered

Our beautiful world


Full time online in

Google, Twitter and Facebook

When we should be really

Reading our textbook


Hey, are you on Facebook?

I will give you a friend request

Or what about twitter

Give me a follow, because I’m the best


We all look for chatting

But all we get is cheating

We look forward to dating

But everybody is just hating


Technology is by far

Both good and bad

And it will help you

And also make you sad

Home Sweet Home

Living so cosy, staying up so late

Pillow in a hand, held so close

Music and love, even the sleep await

A lot of stories, fun to discuss


Lot of talks and fights and play

Happiness and sorrow, together

Whatever we do, whatever we say

We’ll always be a family forever


There’s nothing so joyful, than

Being with the people who care the most

Being ourselves, do whatever we can

Eating food and making a toast


Home is not the basic building block

That surrounds you, confines you

But is a feeling of love, hard as a rock

Feeling of bliss emotion, one so true


This place might not be the best place given

Compared to Paris or the US or Rome

But for me, this place is truly like heaven

Cause this is my home sweet home

Written for This Week’s Challenges (OWPC & WW)

My Mother

I love my mother

Cause she takes care of me

In sickness and in health

She is always beside me


She is my first teacher

Who taught me how to talk

And she also helped me

To get up and to walk


My mother is sweet

And my mother is good

She always looks after me

And also gives me food


She is the light

When I was in the dark

And she is my success

That cherishes my life’s spark


My mother loves me

And I love her too

Cause our mother will be there

Always, for me and you

Sun is Shining

The air is so thin, the sky so blue

With trees coloured in solid hue

Creatures lingering big and small

With the sun on the top of it all


The mightiest of all the might

The provider of the blazing light

Showering hope against darkness

Filling everyone’s heart with happiness


The sun never leaves his job aside

He always comes with all its pride

He is wise, the knower of everything

As it rises up, with its fiery wing


You’re like this, you’re my mighty sun

Forever you’re my truth, my only one

You showed me truth, filled me with hope

We’re together like tied with a rope


You erased my darkness with your light

Showed me what is wrong and what is right

To the world, I don’t really have to bother

Because my sun is my very own father


He is the light, my silver lining

Just like the sun, he too is shining

He’s with me, both in better or worse

Like the sun for the entire universe

A Forest, with no Trees

There was a tree

In the middle of the forest

It was really big and strong

But it was the only one in the forest


Where are the other trees?

Cause I can see none

And even if it is a forest

This is the only one


The tree cared for the birds

And animals that lived in

And shelters them from sun and rain

And saves the creatures within


There are some flowers

And also some seeds

I think this is the beginning

Of a new life’s deeds


I watched the leaves

Falling down one by one

Until all the leaves

Reach from this to none


Hey wait, there’s someone coming

Cause I can hear some noises

I wonder who that might be

I think it’s a man from his voices


Oh there they are and with an axe

Ready to cut the tree down in half

And all the creatures run around

The men look at each other and laugh.


One cut, two cut

And a few cuts more

And at last the tree

Did fell to the floor


I am sorry for that tree

As new life went to debris

As I said, this is a forest

Now, with no trees

College Days

Those days were some of the best

That I ever had and was full of blast

And I’m now thinking of the rest

Wondering how it all ends so fast?


It’s like it was just yesterday

That my college days had began

And met all of you, and by the way

Enjoy as much as that I ever can


All the time everyone of us had

Inside and outside of class, was part

Of the fun, that made us all glad

And had left a mark in our heart


I will surely miss all of you, I admit

And I know I will meet you soon

But how many times I think about it

I couldn’t get how this year had gone


Two years had gone past so fast

And I fear the other one will be too

It’s true as it is said, that time will last

Or it will fly when having fun with you


It was fun to meet new friends

And also filled me with heartfelt glee

Whom I like to stay with, till time ends

Cause these are the people for me


Now I think of all of you, and so

All the time that we ever adored

All the things we did, and also

All the places that we had explored


I thank god for giving me all of you

Because I think that you all truly

Are the best friends that even I too

Could ever get in my life so duly


I miss those beautiful days so profound

The days we strolled around the ways

Through the buildings and the ground

It was really fun, these college days


Vacation, a name that made us

Smile back in the old days as one

Make us think about all the time, thus

We have to enjoy and also have fun


It’s the time to play some game

With all our friends, in ground or road

Go to our friends’ houses and came

And also to our cousin’s abode


Those were the days, that all of us

Waited for long, back in the old days

Cause at that time having fun was, thus

More enjoyable than school, we praise


But now, boredom has struck

And just sit idly at home, still here

With nothing much to do, so stuck

Rather, miss those who are dear


Everyone around is busy these days

Living their own lives and staying there

And no one likes anything to do or plays

Outside, like the old days, we’re everywhere


Why is that, in the old days we had?

Having vacation was fun, so deep

But now vacation is nothing, so bad

Other than boredom and sleep

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