He was on his way to his friend’s home. Suddenly, rain started pitter-pattering onto his face. The thought of rain started agonising his mind, yet cooling his soul.

Just then, out of nowhere, rain poured heavily that he was drenched fully in a matter of seconds. Rainwater bit him cold, that he part his scooter to the side and put on his raincoat.

He started his journey again. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, that his worn out raincoat was not enough to prevent him from getting drenched. He had to close off his helmet glass as the water was striking his face like a million gunfire shot from above. His view was cut short due to the fog that had come on his helmet’s glass and the heavy rain on the outside. He was really annoyed that he had got out that precise moment.

Just 5 minutes later, the rain had completely stopped. Everywhere it looked as though rain was finished so many hours before. He looked above and saw the clouds part ways and the sun shines from between. It was really a wonderful sight to behold.

And just then, he started laughing. Laughing, thinking of the amazing chill ride he just had. He was laughing loud as though he had just seen something comedic right before his eyes. His heart was filled with happiness to its full. He was laughing and smiling at the thought that the sky had been playing with him this entire time.

What a teaser he is, the sky.

God’s Mistake

“Oh, why the hell did I create them?” – God came and glanced down to earth and spot humans dismantling the magnificence of Mother Nature.

God was filled with utter remorse and deep wrath thinking of the mistake he had done, to think that his greatest creation would rule the world into perfection.

He had no idea that one day earth would be filled with dirty narrow-minded people fighting for materialistic means more than emotions. He never thought that the defective piece would, at last, outgrow the genuine one.

He was up to his limits and was about to destroy human lives when he noticed the children planting trees, people taking care of the grownups, parents sacrificing their time for the betterment of their children, seeing children’s joy and laughter and knew at that precise moment that all was not completely lost.

“Oh, so there are good people among these wicked ones. Hope everything will turn out fine at last.”  With high hopes, he smiled and went.



She is like a jellyfish. As cute as a squishy toy and yet so cuddly than the softest pillow that ever existed.

She is a princess of the high ocean tides that rules and colours my feeble heart in gowns of pink. With a touch as soft, yet stingingly so striking that it captures the essence of my heart away from me.

She yearns for adventure as it is in her blood with dreams and aspirations as electrified as the touch of a jellyfish. With hopes that one day, would make her reach the peak and shout that she succeeded and I’m looking at her from the side and smiling.


Written for Three Line Tales, Week 77

Stairway to Heaven

“Mommy, what is that? Is that a staircase?”

Jack a boy of 5, young and cute and was full of curiosity. He was on his way back to the city.

“Yes, that is a staircase.”

“But it’s so different than what we have in the city. That looks so wrecked.”

“Because that step was not made by professional people like what we have in the city. That was merely made by some local people.”

“Isn’t walking on that hard? There is no regular pattern, nothing to hold on to and we can slip easily on those.”

“But son, remember that we can’t gain anything in this world without any hardships. Even the stairway to heaven looks more raggedly and is filled with more obstacles than those.”


Written for FFfAW Challenge-Week of July 18, 2017

Fountain of Youth

Captain Sheridan was a pirate. He was a grey bearded old geezer, and the captain of the ferocious pirate ship that rules the tides of the seas.

“Land Ho!”

“Ahoy, me laddies. We are near our journey’s end to procure my loot. Raise the colours.”

The pirate flag was hoisted.  Everyone was filled with utter enthusiasm. They’ve reached the destination – the isle of the Fountain of Youth.

They drop their boat to the waters and rode off to the shores of the island. They walked through the deep vines and bushes and reached the mouth of a cavern.


They spot skeletons all over the place. Fear ascended in the crew members hearts.

“Avast ye, this cavern smell danger.” – One of the crew members said.

“Don’t fear laddies. No fear should strike ye all down. Come on.”

They all went inside the cavern and spot a tablet of rock with something written. In the tablet, it inscribes – “Take what thee desire. But desires have a high price. He that drinks from this water shall gain only to lose.”

“This is old seadog tale. Come on me laddies.”

They went on to find the most beautiful fountain ever seen by mankind. The exquisite beauty of the fountain structure with a statue of a mermaid holding a pot from which water runs down was a sight to behold. They went forth and looked into the water. The water was crystal clear, yet glazing as the sunlight beam flashing inside.

“I alone shall drink from this. No one else touches this water.”

“Aye captain”

He bent down and drank the waters and stood straight. He looked at himself and saw no change in his appearance.

“So, all this was scallywag rubbish. This is not the fountain of mystical power. Arrr… Blow this piece into smithereens.”

His crew member destroyed the fountain into pieces. The captain’s rage was filled to the level. But suddenly light shown before him and his body started changing. He has turned back to his young age. Bold and brave.

“Blimey! I’m back to me old self. Open the deck and rum for all.”

They returned back to see a devastating sight on the sea.

“Look there, sea creature on a rampage.”

“Oh, Shiver me timbers, my ship, that where me son is.”

“Look, our boat is missing too.”

They stood helpless watching as the sea monster destroyed the ship and killed everyone on it including the captain’s son.

“Oh, why did this has happened to me? Now I’m back to my youth but have sent my young lad to Davy Jones’ Locker. The black spot soon will condemn us.”

Suddenly the island began to sink into the waters. The crew members began running and screaming, but the captain kneeled in the fresh white sand and cried. He had corrupted that holy isle and so received the outcome along with the island.

Written for Weekly Writing Prompt #98


Everyone loved playing Hide and Seek and that’s why the children always play it.

“1, 2, 3… 99,100. Ready or not, here I come.”

He searched for his friends everywhere he could. He went through the courtyard of the houses, went through the edges of the bushes, and looked everywhere else.

“There, saw you.”

He accomplished in finding most of his friends. Everyone was laughing and smiling in utter joy.

“Timmy, come have your lunch.” – His mother called and he went home.

But there was still one boy, hiding somewhere in his secret hideout thinking and grinning of his awesome hiding place, yet wondering why no one has come in search of him.

Written for This Week’s Challenges: July 16 – 22 (OWPC & WW)


She was busy investing and studying the wonderful world inside the museum.

“Hey, look at all these breathtaking artifacts. They’re so rare and lively.”

“I see nothing more than some junk that is left long ago by those ancient people some decades, maybe centuries back.”

“You might think all these things are junk now, but these are the foundation that turned out to be some of the best inventions there is today.”

He stood silent.

Written for Photo Challenge #173


My love; he was a camouflage, so perfectly concealed inside with prickling thorns that struck outside blended along with the flowery aroma of daydreams, a radiant aura that highlighted his very self and a deep sensation of affection, delightful, yet so wicked.

I was so immensely mesmerised by him that I failed to see the bitter truth that had been revealed many times right before my very own veiled eyes, which I brushed along my shoulder, together with the harsh words that entered my ear canal about him from my dear friends.

I swallowed all the troubles that were on the verge of filling up and looked up at the stars in hope that everything will turn out fine one day, that everything will be so magical, a happily ever lived era in Wonderland.

And so, I failed in recognising his wolfish lust filled eyes peering all through myself and the black heart that vigorously always wanted to tear me down entirely and let his desires find satisfaction in me; that he was a chameleon, so vicious and disguised in numerous posh colours, changing according to the mood; sometimes so sarcastic, and yet so romantic.

But I failed to understand that all of the numerous sweet talks were nothing more than an outright lie; and so, I couldn’t find out who he actually was before he stabbed my poor fragile heart and raped my feeble body until I faded away into nothingness.


Ride Free

The rumbling and thrusting sound of his superbike trembled across to his friend’s home, who was busy in slumber. He came and woke his friend up – “Hey, let’s go for a ride.” His friend got up. “No petrol” was his friend’s exact reply.

His friend gazed to the distant shed and spotted his old blue tinted bicycle there, staying there begging to be used for all this time.

“Leave the bike for now. Are you ready to ride free like the old days?” – His friend smiled and asked.


Written by Edwin Ronald Lambert for Three Line Tales, Week 75

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