Once Again

Like any day would emerge for a regular guy, that particular day had no effect on him at all. He woke and stared at the clock for some time and suddenly realized what day it was. He got up, got fresh, dressed and went. Today was his reunion with his old higher secondary classmates.

He called his friend and went to pick him up. They arrived at their school to find their old friends laughing and cheering there. Joy filled inside to see everyone. Nostalgia struck hard on him. He was having the time of his life.

With all the members that had arrived, they went inside to their long left deserted school again. It was such an awe-inspiring moment. They had wandered through these courtyards together for long, but that moment, when they walked inside together was filled with a lot of memories inside all of them. Happiness had made their lips inscribe a smile. All those who walked inside were soon running to various places recollecting their memories.

The place that they all first met, first laughed and joked together, the place that they fought and were in a fight, the place they studied and were bored together, the place that they celebrated together and at last, the day they cried together during farewell. The school was the place that had memories in each and every corner, the place that everything had happened.

Everyone started recollecting and talking about their memories and laugh and smile together. Then everyone started on the process of taking selfies, the thing that is trending all together in this era. Regular photography’s had been changed into mere selfies taken by each individual.

Then everyone had the desire to get into their class. But their class were on the upper right side of the building and since the door was closed, the hope of getting through was led to a total let down. But the hope of them getting inside was more, that they took one small desk from one corner and climbed on it and got onto the sunshade of the building and then climbed on the top and finally, they’ve reached their class.

It was a moment filled with nostalgic incidents. All the scribbling and pictures and names that they’ve done were still there. All were happy, that they sat there talking for a moment, laughing and joking on all the early incidents and memories that had happened during their school time. Everyone was once again back together in their class. The class walls saw that the promise that they’ve made during their farewell, that they will forever be close, was never broken.


Lone Wolf – Day 7

A new day arose and so marked the possibility of a new journey. Today too was perfect for such a venture across new places. Today I thought of visiting the remaining parts of my hometown. Today, I got the possibility of getting off early, but not too early.

I rode my scooter across to “Aquaduct Bridge” first. It was an old abandoned covered water canal below and walkway on the top. It was famous because it was a film spot of a film adored by Aluva people and due to that more people just liked to walk across the bridge. It was not like any regular bridge. It is never big for vehicles even cars to go through and was stretched for a long distance and was above houses and roadways. I got on to one edge and parked my vehicle there. I walked the rest of the way forward. It was nice to walk through because it first crosses some houses, then River Periyar, then some houses and roads, some grounds. It was altogether fun. After going some distance, I returned back to where I started.

After getting back, I rode my way to Manapuram. On my way, I got off at “Marthandavarma Bridge”. It was a small yet eminent bridge because it was build during a king’s era. I stood there for a minute and felt the bridge shake due to heavy vehicles that are passing through. I then continued my journey onto Manapuram which is famous for the Manapuram temple near the banks of Periyar.

I reached near “Harithavanam” which is a small park on the edge of Periyar and a few meters away from the temple. I went inside and asked whether I can visit it. The person in the counter, it’s ok, but only with a ticket and the price was really high. I didn’t have that much money with me at that moment and so I decided not to enter. There was a small forest opposite to the park and I thought it’s best to wander in the forest than to enter the park with a fee.

I first went to the shore of Periyar and washed my face and then walked on through the forest. It was getting darker by the minute and the place filled with trees all over was really started to amuse me. It gave me a chill feeling. As it got darker, my heart starts weighing more. I got a strange feeling that something was going to happen or whether I’ll be alright until I exit from this forest. I hoped that no dogs or snakes were present there near me, for that would end in an utter disaster with no one to know where I’m at until someone who enters the forest finds me. Thoughts like that was soon starting to creep me out big time.

I arrived at one end and started retracing my steps back to where I began. It was nearly darker as the sun has begun to set down. The sky looked red from the small portion in between the leaves and inside it was altogether dark. Even a tiny little sound has started to scare my heart inside. I was on the verge of thinking whether all this getting here was a total mistake. But I knew that scaring at that thought is not going to get me somewhere. I have to go on myself. I walked and walked until I finally reached the place where I first entered the forest.

I went near the scooter only to find a big dog near. It scared the hell out of me! What will I do? How am I going to get away if I can’t get on my scooter? Thought rumbled inside my mind.

And through that dim light, I managed to see that that dog was chained to the wall. It was the Guard dog. I approached my scooter slowly and that dog started barking on seeing me. For truth, I really was scared for that moment and I saw that the dog can’t get as much close to the scooter, so I got on it and rode off fast.

I rode off to Manapuram temple and sat on the edge of the River Periyar for a few moments. It was such a cool and peaceful moment there, alone with the calm smooth water slowly flowing away. And I saw that the bat from the tree in the “Aluva Palace” was flying in a circle all around on top of the river. It was really fun to watch as they flew from each direction. And there I sat, with thoughts of utter beam as that day ended in solitude with even the sun abandoning me. I knew that today must come to an end and I have more days ahead of me in connecting to nature as much as possible. To see what’s not been seen. To hear what’s not heard and to understand nature as it really is. But for this precise moment, home is my next destination. And so, I walked to my scooter and rode it, with a heart filled to its content and a smile as shining as ever.

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Lone Wolf – Day 6

Another day arose. I woke up to find that today was such a bright day. It was the day that I was looking for. It was so bright that the glazing beams of sunlight rejuvenated my whole body. I was so thrilled thinking about what all places I would visit this time. I did my morning chores and came to my computer to chart out the places and the sequence of the places where I’m going today. For a starter, I thought it would be best to go to nearby places in my hometown. So I charted out some places that I see most days, but never ever visited. I planned out the route and the direction so as to minimize my time and petrol. And at last, the route plan was complete. Now I’m just waiting for my journey to start.

After eating my breakfast, my mother had given me some work to do. I thought that had ruined my plan because it was a lot and I took all morning and afternoon to complete it. It was soon approaching evening, but I decided that I should go since a day like this never happens twice. And so I started my journey.

The first journey was to go to a monumental praying place called “Advaitha Ashram.” I always see it on my journey, even heard about it, but never ever got inside. I was always so intrigued to know what kind of place it was but was feared because of the thought whether visitors from another religion were invited or not. But that day I put forth my mind to visit it.

I rode my mother’s scooter and stopped at the entrance. My mind was still in question whether or not to enter but later decided to ask if visiting was possible. I went inside to find the place deserted. I parked my scooter and went on ahead and spotted a person writing something near the entrance.

“Excuse me, is visiting this place possible?” – I asked.

“I don’t know. I’m not from here. Ask the ladies in the store.” – He replied.

I walked to the store. One lady in the store was busy talking to someone on her phone and on seeing me; she quickly disconnected it thinking that I’m a customer.

“Excuse me, is visiting this place possible?” – I asked.

“Yes, it is. But the temple door will only open at 5 PM now.” – She replied.

I looked at the watch. It was 4.15 PM. Still, more time to go.

“Can I walk around here?”

“That’s alright.”

I walked through the courtyard of the temple. The temple was situated on the banks of River Periyar and that river was really a sight to behold. The majestic waters gushing hurriedly, yet so calm and peaceful filled my mind with the peacefulness it bestowed. I walked through and reached some steps to the river. There were some women cleaning their clothes.

“Oops. Better leave now.”

After walking around the temple courtyard, I decided it’s best to leave here and go and visit my next destination. My next destination was to visit the “Aluva Palace”. I rode off to there and entered. I asked a person if visiting was possible and he replied that I could walk around the courtyard but can’t enter because it’s now a resort. So I thanked that person and walked around taking photos.

The palace was really considered a palace in the British era.  With its cream polished walls, old clay roofs and tall pillars, it really had the essence of a palace. I saw that a new identical type of building was in the process of building. There was a garden in the middle and a road surrounding it. So many trees and grass were on the middle and many plants in pots on the side. And I walked around and later spotted a tree full of bats. It was as such as that tree was its home. After taking a stroll around the palace, I spotted the person that showed me the way and said to say thanks. He and some of his companions talked to me for some time and I went happily from there back to the temple.

I saw that the doors had been opened and so I went inside. It was empty, but in the front, stood the statue of Sree Narayana Guru and some other statues. It was chilly inside. I walked through inside and later went outside to my next destination – to “Aluva Park.”

It was an old and seldom visited the park. Once it was really packed with people. Everyone would come with their children and they would play for long. Nowadays the only people that visit are some couples, some people with family and some just visiting. I came inside and spot some children playing on the swings and merry-go-round. It was really fun to see the smiles on their innocent face. I went on ahead and sat near the edge for some time to intake the beauty of nature filled the park, once packed, and now merely deserted. Nostalgic was filling me from my young age and that made me realise that I too didn’t come today as often as in the young days.

After some time, I realised that I was getting too late and so my journey for today has come to an end. But I’m sure that I’m bound to go to more journeys in the coming days.

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He was busy preparing a card for his best friend. He had finally finished it. He opened it up and was pleased with his efforts in creating such a wonderful piece of art. He scrapped all the remaining pieces of paper to put in the dustbin.

His father who was watching asked – “What are you going to do with those pieces of paper, son?” “I’m going to put them in the dustbin, what else!” – replied his son. “Come; let me show you something with those papers.” And he took one piece of paper and created a small paper boat. Astonished, his young son was really intrigued on how his father made something out of scrap paper.

“You want to learn?” – asked his father. “Yes, yes” – replied his son. “Ok, come let’s make some origami together. It will be so fun” “Sure dad”

Written for Three Line Tales, Week 83

Real Strength

One day, Adam was watching Superman movie. He is an 8-year old boy full of vigorous charisma and cheerful mentality that makes people more soothing to approach and even have an exciting time with him. Days were crammed with absolute amusement with him.

His father was crossing in front of him when he asked for him to come back and take a seat next to him. His father took the chair from the opposite side and placed it next to his son.

“Dad, can I ask you something?”

“Yes, son”

“How did Superman conjure such supernatural strength?”

His father, a kind and a caring father, didn’t wish to spoil the fun for his kid by revealing that Superman is just a fictional character and so he answered.

“Superman was born with such strength. That’s why he has such a mighty potential.”

“Is it possible to attain such strength afterwards? Like we’re not born with it, but later we have the possibility to attain it?”

“I don’t know son. Why’d you ask?”

“I was just wondering whether there is a chance for me to become as strong as Superman one day. Is it possible dad?”

His father felt dumbstruck. He felt bound by his son’s request. His mind felt impassive. He failed in having a single suggestion to acknowledge his son. The whole truth in his mind steered the concept that such superhuman strength will never be attained even though we tend to train our whole lives. It is all just simply movie logic. Nothing is ever practicable in the real world.

But seeing those pleasing eyes of his son, he wasn’t able to say the bitter truth to his son, who, along with his young age and mild playful heart, is waiting eagerly for the answer. Suddenly he remembered one thing and made up his mind what to mention to his little boy.

“Son, it’s not possible to attain such strength in our lifetime.”


His son felt down by his father’s reply.

“But, it is possible to attain a strength which will surpass each other strength.”

“What is it, dad?”

His son was quite eager to know. His face lit up just like the full moon radiating the ever glazing glimmer over everything.

“The strength within yourself”

“How am I able to attain such strength dad?”

“It might sound simple, however, there’s plenty of work done for that.”

“Can you offer me some pointers for that dad?”

“Well, as a matter of truth, I can’t teach you that. You have got to earn the real knowledge yourself. But sure, I’ll provide you with some pointers.”

“Wow really, dad”

“Yeah, the first and foremost factor that you just got to do is to believe in yourself. Regardless of what everybody keeps saying, never ever lose the trust on yourself. Everybody will keep saying worse things behind your back, several might tease you, make fun of you, they may additionally keep saying don’t and can’t and won’t and all. They may be all negative towards you. Believe me, the world is packed with people that might some assist you, whereas all the other simply wish to see you crumble all the way down to your doom.”

“So what should I do dad?”

“Never believe what people say concerning you. The truth lies in what you think of yourself. Don’t ever mind people’s word. They may contain truth and lies equally mixed together. If you happen to listen to somebody saying things concerning you, simply brush those words off your shoulder and believe that you’re capable of doing anything that you just put your mind into. If you believe in your own strength, then, sure enough, you’ll be capable of achieving great heights. It’s true that you just might end up in failures. But, as it is said, it’s these failures that push a man to success. When you fail, rise up. You may fail again if so, rise up again. And one day, you’ll see yourself standing on the very top that you always wished to attain. And on that top, you can keep your head held up high for all the critics to see and say that you believe in yourself. Your strength lies in your heart. There’s nothing more powerful than that.”

His son with eager enthusiasm began to show stances of Superman.

“I’m going to be a superhero dad, just like you said.”

His father smiled a little, seeing his little boy.


He was on his way to his friend’s home. Suddenly, rain started pitter-pattering onto his face. The thought of rain started agonising his mind, yet cooling his soul.

Just then, out of nowhere, rain poured heavily that he was drenched fully in a matter of seconds. Rainwater bit him cold, that he part his scooter to the side and put on his raincoat.

He started his journey again. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, that his worn out raincoat was not enough to prevent him from getting drenched. He had to close off his helmet glass as the water was striking his face like a million gunfire shot from above. His view was cut short due to the fog that had come on his helmet’s glass and the heavy rain on the outside. He was really annoyed that he had got out that precise moment.

Just 5 minutes later, the rain had completely stopped. Everywhere it looked as though rain was finished so many hours before. He looked above and saw the clouds part ways and the sun shines from between. It was really a wonderful sight to behold.

And just then, he started laughing. Laughing, thinking of the amazing chill ride he just had. He was laughing loud as though he had just seen something comedic right before his eyes. His heart was filled with happiness to its full. He was laughing and smiling at the thought that the sky had been playing with him this entire time.

What a teaser he is, the sky.

Lone Wolf – Day 5

A new day broke out once again. The light strokes that were emitted from the sun had touched the surface of the earth. The coolness of the night had finally met its end. The rainwater from last night’s rain fell from the leaves to the very soil. The early dawn free radical light sources were so smooth and so relaxing that it filled energy wherever it touched. All around, the signs of life energy surged everywhere. Everything was reawakening once again.

A missed call from the mobile customer care number had broken my relaxing slumber into a total distraught. It was actually a curse for all those people who have a mobile with them and a boon for people who have no one else to call them often. It’s like customer care is actually beneficial and a trouble at the same time.

So a new day begins in my troublesome life. I always had plans for the day, yet nothing seems to be working that time. I only have some hopes left, whether I could go somewhere and be along with nature, procuring the deep smell and sensation and the calm nature I get in my heart.

Since I the weather condition was good and my hopes at high, I was already prepared for going out for a ride. Since I can’t get the scooter for the job, I have to take my old cycle for the run. Since I had many time that day, I watched TV for the passing hour. At last, I thought of embarking on the journey and also give my cycle a test drive so as to check if it is in a perfect condition. I checked it one last time and took off.

Riding the bicycle after a very long time had really shown me the difference. I was able to ride it. There was no problem in riding it. But after riding my mother’s scooter all, this time, riding my bicycle makes me think that I am riding something really tiny. And also it made me feel I was so high from the ground. After riding a few ways, I found that the air in the tires was not sufficient and that was really a problem. It became really hard to ride and since the brakes on the cycle were nearly finished, even if I pull the brakes, it will ride a few ways before stopping. For a test drive, I thought of taking a path that I know, through the fields. It was good riding through the road seeing all the greenery of the grass, the cows and buffalos, all the birds and also the children playing far away and the vehicles coming across and behind me. It was a straight way, so I had no problem in going through. I stopped at some places and took photos.

After crossing the fields, I took a left turn. I know that this will lead to a place called Kunnatheri and finally my place, Manakkapady. At first, riding was simple. The average air in my tire was not a problem at all. After a few ways came to the problem, an up slope. I had to give all my strength to ride it. The up slope was a long way and I had to ride, giving all my energy to it. I found that having less air is now really a problem. I somehow rode to the top and went ahead. After some time, came another. Again, I had to ride giving as much energy that I got. After that, it was a straight road ahead. Then again I turned left and then again was the next upslope. I cursed that moment; I wondered whether this will end. I was breathing heavily then. I was taking as much air that I could at that time. I was breathing really heavily that my hands and legs were in pain all the time. But I didn’t get off the bicycle and think of walking with the cycle. I want to get to the top. Even if I fail in getting there, I will try my best. I was about to reach the top, then the pain increased suddenly like it doesn’t want me to reach there. But I got to the top and then finally reached Kunnatheri. Then went again left and after a few ways from there it was a long downslope and a small upslope, all that time riding all the up slope had made me tired and so riding even this small upslope was really hard for me, but I did and finally reached back home.

After getting back home, I was panting all the way. My head was twisting and felt a little nauseous. My body was all wet from sweat. I can’t walk or stand still. My legs were all feeling numb. It was a total blackout for me. It was like coming inside after looking at the sun for a long time. I couldn’t see anything. All the time, I could only see some blackish colour in front of my eyes. After reaching home came the next problem. The current was gone. I was burning like a fire, breathing heavily and at last, even the electricity had abandoned me. I was feeling so hot and numb that I fell to the bed and lay there for some time. After some time, the current came and a breeze of air touched my body. I was relieved at that time. Oh, the coolness and satisfaction that I got were beyond words at that time.

My mother was watching me with smiles on her face. She knows the trouble that I took and said –

“You can take my scooter from tomorrow onwards.”

Those words filled happiness in my soul to the limit and joy in my heart. She smiled and went off to her work. I looked upwards and wondered what the next day would bring and I know something special is waiting and I dozed off.

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God’s Mistake

“Oh, why the hell did I create them?” – God came and glanced down to earth and spot humans dismantling the magnificence of Mother Nature.

God was filled with utter remorse and deep wrath thinking of the mistake he had done, to think that his greatest creation would rule the world into perfection.

He had no idea that one day earth would be filled with dirty narrow-minded people fighting for materialistic means more than emotions. He never thought that the defective piece would, at last, outgrow the genuine one.

He was up to his limits and was about to destroy human lives when he noticed the children planting trees, people taking care of the grownups, parents sacrificing their time for the betterment of their children, seeing children’s joy and laughter and knew at that precise moment that all was not completely lost.

“Oh, so there are good people among these wicked ones. Hope everything will turn out fine at last.”  With high hopes, he smiled and went.



She is like a jellyfish. As cute as a squishy toy and yet so cuddly than the softest pillow that ever existed.

She is a princess of the high ocean tides that rules and colours my feeble heart in gowns of pink. With a touch as soft, yet stingingly so striking that it captures the essence of my heart away from me.

She yearns for adventure as it is in her blood with dreams and aspirations as electrified as the touch of a jellyfish. With hopes that one day, would make her reach the peak and shout that she succeeded and I’m looking at her from the side and smiling.


Written for Three Line Tales, Week 77

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