Loved You, Only You

Mathew had just joined his engineering course some few days back. He had a fair complexion, a clean shaved face and a regular body. He was a bright student and also very friendly that he managed to befriend most of his classmates very quickly. His profound enthusiasm and eagerness to learn made him become the teacher’s pet. He was very helpful and cheerful to everyone. … Continue reading Loved You, Only You

Lone Wolf - Edwin's Journal

Lone Wolf – Day 7

A new day arose and so marked the possibility of a new journey. Today too was perfect for such a venture across new places. Today I thought of visiting the remaining parts of my hometown. Today, I got the possibility of getting off early, but not too early. I rode my scooter across to “Aquaduct Bridge” first. It was an old abandoned covered water canal … Continue reading Lone Wolf – Day 7