Video 3 – Free Hugs

There lived a man named John. He was lost in sorrow as he lost everything, his career, his money, and moreover, he felt like he lost his life.

He was sitting on the bench when one board caught his attention.


He walked to that place and asked –

“Why are you here with this sign? Nobody wants a hug nowadays.”

“Yes, that is a sad truth, my friend.”

“But why free, you could charge some money for it too?”

“Things are bought, emotions are not. You may have got a lot of happiness when you have so much money, more things to buy, more places to go, and many people around you.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“But remember this; the happiness you get is not true happiness. True happiness lies where there are true love and Love, my friend is priceless.”

And so, that person came and hugged him.

“How do you feel?”

“I feel so much relaxed and happy.”

“That’s the power of love. Spread love and earn love.”



Video 1 – Merry Christmas

Today, A Child was born.

From Heaven, he came forth

To guide Man, in the path of righteousness

To clean their sins and souls

To show that it’s better to be good, rather than being evil

To show mercy, to show kindness, To lead

And at last, To die for us, Sinners

For he is the right hand of God, The Almighty

Today is his Birthday, Birthday of Jesus

And like every birthday we shared

Let us share this too in Happiness and Joy

In his name, I say

Merry Christmas to all of you

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