Sun Sets Forever

What if the sun never rise

To give us its radiant glow

Will we go to a time

When the days, will never flow?


But don’t worry for that

Cause the stars; your ancestors will guide you

And the moon with its infinite soul

Will shine its moonlight for you


But have we got to live

In a cold and dark day

Like a hope being destroyed

And the happiness is far away


Nothing is the same without

The sun with us together

So let’s hope the sun

Will never set forever

Independence Day

To a country, where freedom is attained, yet the citizens are not free.

To a country, where people fight in the name of religion.

To a country, where the people are poor, yet politicians who squeeze tax from the people are rich.

To a country, where reserved get admission in schools and works, other than who is deserved.

To a country, where cows are safer than girls.

To a country, where sex is promoted, while periods are disheartened.

To a country, where love marriage is not allowed, yet people say stranger couples are a match made in heaven.


But still, with hopes that this nation will live up to the freedom fighter’s expectations.

Happy Independence Day


Green, a colour so profound

Hue of ravishing artistic beauty

Enriched with life, with hopes and dreams

Soothes our eyes and delights our hearts

Digitalized World

Today we are living

In a digitalized world

Cause technology has conquered

Our beautiful world


Full time online in

Google, Twitter and Facebook

When we should be really

Reading our textbook


Hey, are you on Facebook?

I will give you a friend request

Or what about twitter

Give me a follow, because I’m the best


We all look for chatting

But all we get is cheating

We look forward to dating

But everybody is just hating


Technology is by far

Both good and bad

And it will help you

And also make you sad

Lone Wolf – Day 5

A new day broke out once again. The light strokes that were emitted from the sun had touched the surface of the earth. The coolness of the night had finally met its end. The rainwater from last night’s rain fell from the leaves to the very soil. The early dawn free radical light sources were so smooth and so relaxing that it filled energy wherever it touched. All around, the signs of life energy surged everywhere. Everything was reawakening once again.

A missed call from the mobile customer care number had broken my relaxing slumber into a total distraught. It was actually a curse for all those people who have a mobile with them and a boon for people who have no one else to call them often. It’s like customer care is actually beneficial and a trouble at the same time.

So a new day begins in my troublesome life. I always had plans for the day, yet nothing seems to be working that time. I only have some hopes left, whether I could go somewhere and be along with nature, procuring the deep smell and sensation and the calm nature I get in my heart.

Since I the weather condition was good and my hopes at high, I was already prepared for going out for a ride. Since I can’t get the scooter for the job, I have to take my old cycle for the run. Since I had many time that day, I watched TV for the passing hour. At last, I thought of embarking on the journey and also give my cycle a test drive so as to check if it is in a perfect condition. I checked it one last time and took off.

Riding the bicycle after a very long time had really shown me the difference. I was able to ride it. There was no problem in riding it. But after riding my mother’s scooter all, this time, riding my bicycle makes me think that I am riding something really tiny. And also it made me feel I was so high from the ground. After riding a few ways, I found that the air in the tires was not sufficient and that was really a problem. It became really hard to ride and since the brakes on the cycle were nearly finished, even if I pull the brakes, it will ride a few ways before stopping. For a test drive, I thought of taking a path that I know, through the fields. It was good riding through the road seeing all the greenery of the grass, the cows and buffalos, all the birds and also the children playing far away and the vehicles coming across and behind me. It was a straight way, so I had no problem in going through. I stopped at some places and took photos.

After crossing the fields, I took a left turn. I know that this will lead to a place called Kunnatheri and finally my place, Manakkapady. At first, riding was simple. The average air in my tire was not a problem at all. After a few ways came to the problem, an up slope. I had to give all my strength to ride it. The up slope was a long way and I had to ride, giving all my energy to it. I found that having less air is now really a problem. I somehow rode to the top and went ahead. After some time, came another. Again, I had to ride giving as much energy that I got. After that, it was a straight road ahead. Then again I turned left and then again was the next upslope. I cursed that moment; I wondered whether this will end. I was breathing heavily then. I was taking as much air that I could at that time. I was breathing really heavily that my hands and legs were in pain all the time. But I didn’t get off the bicycle and think of walking with the cycle. I want to get to the top. Even if I fail in getting there, I will try my best. I was about to reach the top, then the pain increased suddenly like it doesn’t want me to reach there. But I got to the top and then finally reached Kunnatheri. Then went again left and after a few ways from there it was a long downslope and a small upslope, all that time riding all the up slope had made me tired and so riding even this small upslope was really hard for me, but I did and finally reached back home.

After getting back home, I was panting all the way. My head was twisting and felt a little nauseous. My body was all wet from sweat. I can’t walk or stand still. My legs were all feeling numb. It was a total blackout for me. It was like coming inside after looking at the sun for a long time. I couldn’t see anything. All the time, I could only see some blackish colour in front of my eyes. After reaching home came the next problem. The current was gone. I was burning like a fire, breathing heavily and at last, even the electricity had abandoned me. I was feeling so hot and numb that I fell to the bed and lay there for some time. After some time, the current came and a breeze of air touched my body. I was relieved at that time. Oh, the coolness and satisfaction that I got were beyond words at that time.

My mother was watching me with smiles on her face. She knows the trouble that I took and said –

“You can take my scooter from tomorrow onwards.”

Those words filled happiness in my soul to the limit and joy in my heart. She smiled and went off to her work. I looked upwards and wondered what the next day would bring and I know something special is waiting and I dozed off.

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